Lukashenko calls on Germany to accept migrants crowding along Polish border

Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko called on Germany to accept migrants trying to enter the European Union through the Belarusian-Polish border. “Most people here are those who want to reunite with their families. Take those people in. This is a small burden for Germany,” said Lukashenko during a visit to the logistics center near the Bruzgi border crossing on the border with Poland.

According to Lukashenko, acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed to accept migrants, but she is hindered by the Polish authorities, who, according to Lukashenko, staged a “massacre on the border.” Lukashenko has already made similar statements after two telephone conversations with Merkel a few days ago, but Berlin categorically denied his allegations.

On November 26, the German government once again denied Lukashenko’s statement that Angela Merkel expressed Germany’s consent to accept 2,000 migrants from the Belarusian-Polish border. “I want to state quite clearly on behalf of the Federal Chancellor and on behalf of the Federal Government that this is a false statement,” said the German government’s spokesman Steffen Seibert.

For several weeks thousands of migrants from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan have been trying to enter Poland from Belarus, but Polish border guards have been firmly suppressing these attempts. The European Union accuses Lukashenko of deliberately bringing migrants to Belarus for further transfer to the EU in order to provoke a migration crisis.

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  1. “Most people here are those who want to reunite with their families. Take those people in. This is a small burden for Germany,”

    This is easily solved Luka. Germany rounds up the “families” of these terrorists and sends them to Belarus to be reunited.

    • Germany thinks they are friends with Putler but they don’t realize they are the target of Putler. He has sent migrants to Germany, he has hacked Germany, he has made gas deals with Germany to turn the EU against them, has had opened more media in Germany and also made several attempts to split Germany from the US. If he can dilute and alienate Germany, splitting up the EU will be easy.

  2. WTF?! What does this impudent fat fuck want? He should shut up and return to his bunker where he can hide from the people who elected him!

  3. With the leftist SPD and Greens in the government now, Germanystan might very well be “blessed” with more migrants. It’s the ultimate goal of the kraut leftists to eliminate the German race. They are also assured a few more guaranteed voters once the kraut regime hands those migrants the kraut passport.

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