There’s only one way to stop Corona

I had some very interesting discussions with some friends, and we came to the conclusion that the entire planet needs to go into an 18 days lockdowne. After that all people need to wear masks everywhere for at least 5 months. Then the virus should be defeated. The world needs to stand still for 18 days. Nobody leaving their home, not even for work. A certain date should be set to give people time to gather food and tp in advance. 

What do you think?


  1. I say we should lock up all those who are blowing this way out of proportion when in actuality it is no worse than any other flu virus. Then, we can go on with our lives without any dangerous vaccines and shitty ass masks.

  2. Absolute rubbish. In the ordinary course of natural events, the natural immune response would have dealt with it, as in the case of Influenza in its ever repeating mutations supposedly controlled in a very doubtful way by vaccinations.

  3. So, you are of the opinion that we should do what we already know doesn’t work. That’s really smart.

    Masks, lockdowns, and fake vaccines have done less than nothing. The fake vaccines are causing surges of the coof in the fake vaccinated.

    Frankly, what you are proposing is massive idiocy.

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