The US proposes to increase military assistance to Ukraine against the backdrop of a possible Russian offensive

US and British intelligence confirms the movement of Russian troops towards the Ukrainian border.We are talking about an increase in military aid provided by the US defense budget / UNIANWe are talking about an increase in military aid provided by the US defense budget / UNIAN

US Senators Rob Portman and Gene Shaheen insist on increasing arms supplies to Ukraine due to the  risks of a Russian invasion .

It is reported by Politico .

We are talking about an increase in military aid envisaged by the US defense budget by $ 50 million: that is, from $ 300 to $ 350 million and $ 125 instead of $ 75 million, which will go to lethal weapons to Ukraine.

“I urge the administration to provide further assistance in the form of air defenses — vital to contain the Russian threat. We must do our best to support our ally Ukraine — during this time,” Portman said Wednesday.

When asked about the transfer of large quantities of weapons, the US official said the US “has demonstrated that it is ready to use a number of tools to counter Russia’s harmful actions, and we will immediately use these and other tools in the future.”

As UNIAN wrote, earlier Canada allowed an increase in military assistance to Ukraine.

The situation on the border of the Russian Federation and Ukraine

On November 11, Bloomberg published an article discussing the risks of a full-scale Russian attack on Ukraine. The agency noted that in the circles of American and European diplomats, they are seriously worried about the current movement of Russian troops towards the Ukrainian border.

Moscow itself denies this , calling the autumn redeployment of troops a “show of force.”

In early November, information began to appear in the Western media with reference to satellite imagery data about the active movement of the Russian military to the border with Ukraine. 

At the same time, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine denied this information.

This is the second likely wave of aggravation on the Russian-Ukrainian border since March 2021. However, according to Bloomberg, so far the concentration of Russian troops takes place mainly at night, while in the spring the Kremlin openly threatened to attack, putting political pressure on Ukraine, the EU and the United States.

Russian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that the threat of a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine by Russia does exist, but Kiev is doing the necessary work to prevent such a scenario from being realized.

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