Ukraine, U.K. and USA exchange intelligence data on possible Russian attack on Ukraine

Intelligence services of Ukraine, Great Britain and the United States exchanged information about the buildup of Russian troops near Ukraine, said Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov during a working trip to the Shiroky Lan training ground in the Mykolaiv region.

“I had two important meetings – with the British  Secretary of State for Defense, Ben Wallace, and the US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin. We had serious conversations where we clearly compared the facts that our and their intelligence receives have. We exchanged the information between our intelligence agencies. The conclusions are the same. The risk is clear to us, ” the Ukrainian Defense Ministry quoted Reznikov as saying.

“I have received very important signals from partners that we are not left alone,” Reznikov said.

“They have already started serious consultations with other EU and NATO member states. The response will be very tough. And, as far I know, the head of the Kremlin was warned directly the visit to Russia of a serious US official, “Reznikov emphasized.

According to him, there will not just be more statements of concern. “The response will be tougher – starting from economic and political sanctions, as well as increasing assistance to Ukraine directly with equipment and weapons.”

“Representatives of the official Kremlin are constantly looking for an excuse, referring to allegedly some violations by Ukraine. They say that we, allegedly, did not fulfill the Minsk agreements. They say that they are not parties to the Minsk agreements at all. Recently, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the Minsk process is a negotiation between Ukraine and the occupation regimes in Donetsk and Luhansk under Russia’s moderation. The protocol and memorandum of the Minsk agreements clearly state that the parties to the Trilateral Contact Group are the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the OSCE is a moderator. Therefore, what they post publicly is not meant for the civilized world,” Reznikov said, noting “that the entire civilized world knows who the aggressor is.”

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  1. The other day I watched an episode of the hammy but highly entertaining 1960’s crime/espionage TV series The Saint, with Roger Moore in the title role.
    There was a sequence with two revolutionaries plotting to overthrow the government and return a fictional fledgling democracy in Latin America back to a dictatorship. The dialogue could have come straight from putler’s kremlin. “However outrageous the lie, if we keep repeating it over and over, the people will believe it. Our destabilization operation is now up to full scale and is already achieving great results. We will soon be ready for the next phase.”
    Dictators have a great advantage over democracies: the lies they pump out to their enemies populations work almost as effectively as they do with their own serfs at home. Thus the putinazis can run a high intensity hybrid war indefinitely: using troll farms, western based agents of influence and useful idiots to disseminate lies and misdirection. Putler’s thug army no doubt believe they are preparing to invade. The rodent himself has not given the order. He may never do so, provided a number of decisive steps are taken by the allies.
    If the US and its senior partners continue to vacillate, Ukraine will again be effectively alone and this is just not fair or acceptable to again leave a sovereign nation at the mercy of a vast and vicious fascist power.
    I think there is a decent chance that the nazi rodent can be stopped without any more Ukrainian blood being shed. The surprising declaration by the new German regime is a helpful sign.

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