Ukraine has successfully tested a rocket engine for the flamethrower system “Heat” (photo)

Unguided thermobaric ammunition RS-122TB “Speka” from DAKHK “Artem”. Photo: Vladislav Hristoforov / NPP

The state enterprise Artem, which is a part of Ukroboronprom, successfully tested a solid-fuel rocket ammunition engine for the Speka light flamethrower system.

Transmitted by the  National Industrial Portal  with reference to the  Military .

On Thursday, November 18, 2021, the State Joint-Stock Holding Company Artem conducted successful  tests of  bench samples of a solid-propellant rocket engine of a jet ammunition for a light flamethrower system “Speka” based on the chassis “Dozor-B”.

Jet engine for the flamethrower system “Speka”. Photo: Artem State Joint-Stock Company

The tested engine is designed to deliver a thermobaric warhead of a RS-122 missile with a caliber of 122 mm at a range of up to 7 km.

The rocket engine, developed by the specialists of the KB anti-tank weapons and artillery ammunition of the State Joint-Stock Company “Artem”, during the tests showed satisfactory results.

“The obtained ballistic characteristics such as operating time, pressure change and traction characteristics have positive results in order to move to the next stage of testing,” the statement said.

Testing of a jet ammunition engine for the flamethrower system “Speka”. Photo: Artem State Joint-Stock Company

In addition, it is noted about the previously conducted tests of the thermobaric warhead, which also showed satisfactory results.

At present, Artem State Joint-Stock Company is preparing for full-scale launches of combat missile engines with an inert warhead to determine range, initial velocity and other ballistic characteristics.

Mobile flamethrower system “Speka” on the basis of TBKM “Dozor-B”. Photo: Defense Express.

Note that the unguided missile RS-122TB with a thermobaric warhead is designed for light flamethrower system “Speka”  based on the chassis “Dozor-B”.



    • Paybacks are going to be a bitch if the Moskali try to move further into Ukraine. I believe there are many Moskali soldiers that won’t want to venture into the Ukrainian meat grinder and get the cargo 200 taxi ride home.

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