The many enemies of Ukraine in western media and politics

Business Insider, owned by German publisher; Axel Springer, has just produced a sickening article that supports Russia and promotes what is likely to be German policy to Ukraine. :-

Another pro-Russia article :

And now Reuters, with another miserable article that grudgingly supports Ukraine:

Michael Savage : Ukraine-hater and Russia propagandist, speaking in 2014 with putler shill Michael Cohen.

Nigel Farage; a far right winger who is extremely friendly with Julian Assange; a communist. What do they have in common? Quite a lot. As far back as 2008, Farage was spouting kremlin lies and propaganda, whilst pretending to be a British patriot. :-

Another ‘patriot’ is Tucker Carlson. But it turns out his loyalties are the same as Farage. As the despicable and disgusting video of his clash with pro-Ukraine Republican Congressman Mike Turner proves.

Fox seems to have taken the video down. But the conversation is reported here:

‘You Need a Little Education’: GOP Congressman and Tucker Carlson Go at It in FIERY Clash on Russia

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  1. In the middle of the stream of watery diarrhea coming out of BI is this:
    “Given the risk of nuclear escalation, the Biden administration must honestly assess if it is worth starting World War III over a territory with little significance to overall US security.”
    Like Poland in 1939 then. The writer is an arsehole.

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