Russia to Boost Military in Face of ‘Increased NATO Activity’

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Wednesday that the country needed to further develop its armed forces in the face of “increased NATO activity” on its borders.

“The difficult military and political situation in the world and the increased activity of NATO countries near the Russian borders require further quality development of the armed forces,” Shoigu told officials in televised remarks.

Among the Russian armed forces’ priorities are “increasing their effectiveness, maintaining the combat readiness of nuclear forces and strengthening the potential of non-nuclear deterrent forces,” the defense minister added.

Western countries have this month raised the alarm over reported Russian military activity near Ukraine, with the U.S. saying it has “real concerns” over a new troop build-up on the border.

Moscow has dismissed mounting Western claims that Russia may be preparing to invade Ukraine and says any military buildup is a response to growing NATO activity near its borders.

On Tuesday, Shoigu accused Washington of sending its bombers to practice a nuclear strike on Russia — from the east and the west — during its “Global Thunder” military exercises.

Renewed Western fears about Russia’s plans in eastern Ukraine have come amid a clash over an unexpected migrant crisis on the border with Kremlin-aligned Belarus and EU member Poland. 

(c) The Moscow Times


  1. “Moscow has dismissed mounting Western claims that Russia may be preparing to invade Ukraine and says any military buildup is a response to growing NATO activity near its borders.”

    If this imaginary buildup of NATO forces on Mafia land borders, why deploy troops on the border of a non NATO country? Wouldn’t it be wise to deploys troops where the NATO threat is, or is it just another massive provocation by mafia land, because coming up against a modern well armed military, is not quite as easy as threatening Ukraine, is it?

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    • I can see the NATO big wigs sitting around the table with a Ukrainian General;

      NATO guy #1: “Putin says we are increasing troop movement and supplies for Ukraine!”
      NATO guy #2: “But, we aren’t”
      Ukrainian General: “No shit! Putin will believe you did whether you did or not, so do it!”

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  2. More cover for putler’s buildup from a lying turd.

    Remember Marshall Kane in the movie High Noon? A vicious gang is planning to move in on his town and exact revenge for him putting them in jail previously. The Marshall visits with a series of old friends and allies, but none can (or will) help. He tries to round up a posse and is met with nothing but fear and hostility. Eventually he has to face the gang alone.
    Ukraine must not be forced to face High Noon alone.

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  3. You go, mafiosi! Upping their military can help make mafia land go broke. Most of the weapons will never be built due to corruption and those that are will be of shoddy quality or ineffective.

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