Roszdravnadzor began to look for opponents of vaccination and transfer their data to the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor’s Office

Roszdravnadzor instructed its territorial bodies to send data on people who disseminate false information about vaccination against coronavirus to the investigating authorities and the prosecutor’s office. The press service of the department reported this to Interfax .

Opponents of vaccination, including among doctors, will be searched for by monitoring regional media and social networks.

In the press service of Roszdravnadzor, the agency could not name the number of applications already submitted, specifying that it would become known after analyzing the data received from the regions.

Izvestia learned from responses to its request to the territorial bodies of the service that since November 1, regional divisions have collected materials on 37 opponents of vaccination. 18 applications were filed in Karelia, eight in the Rostov region, five in the Volgograd region, two in the Smolensk region, one each in St. Petersburg, the Leningrad and Tomsk regions, and also in Yakutia.

In early November, Medvestnik reported about the initiative of Roszdravnadzor with reference to the corresponding letter from the department. According to the newspaper, the territorial bodies were instructed to inform the prosecutor’s office and the Investigative Committee about the participants in the campaign against vaccination, whose actions fall under Articles 207.1 and  207.2 of the Criminal Code of Russia.

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  1. All vaccines are bullshit. They simply don’t work. We have come so far that vaccinated folks need protection from non-vaccinated people. Also the vaccines make people more vulnerable for other infections. The US just prohibited vaccinated people from travelling to Germany. I’m in favor of masks in public until at least 2026, and throwing some medication on the market that prevents severe illness if one caught Corona.

    • Surely, it’s hard to grasp the current situation of new corona cases virtually exploding, and this after having several vaccines available for months now and millions of people having been “vaccinated”. I know that in Germanystan, masks have been mandatory since the spring of 2019 and that even FFP2 masks were compulsory. I wonder … what in the hell is going on???

      • Simple. Vaccinated folks are NOT immune. And in Germany vaccinated people did no longer wear masks and were allowed into discos, soccer stadiums and so on. They then re-spread the disease and caused this current mess. Non-vaccinated people had to wear masks and were not allowed to go anywhere, except to work and supermarkets. Thus the blame goes to non-working garbage vaccines and vaccinated idiots spreading the disease.

    • The fake vaccines are neither effective nor safe. Antibody dependent enhancement is a thing with the fake vaccines. There have been surges of coof case as the number of people have gotten the clot shot.

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