Gennady Trukhanov did not post a bail of UAH 30 million: his further fate is in the hands of the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court

Last midnight, the statutory five-day deadline for posting a bond of 30 expired, which was appointed as a measure of restraint to the mayor Gennady Trukhanov, one of the main defendants in the so-called “Odessa case”.  

This was reported to “Dumskaya” in the press service of the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court.

Information about the payment of the assigned amount was not received by the VAKSU, NABU, or SAP.

The mayor’s office has not yet commented on the situation.

At a meeting of the Court of Appeal of the Supreme Anti-Correspondence Court, the mayor of Odessa said that he had no money for bail. However, the law allows any other individual or enterprise to deposit the amount assigned for it – if such solvent guarantors, of course, are found.

The current situation is directly provided for by the criminal procedural law. If the bail is not paid in time, the investigating judge, at the request of the prosecutor, may choose another measure of restraint. This can be a personal obligation, personal surety, house arrest, and in exceptional cases, detention.

It is not difficult to predict which petition the JV will apply to the court for the second time. Initially, the prosecution asked to appoint Gennady Trukhanov in the “Odessa case” a preventive measure in the form of detention with the possibility of bail of 120 million hryvnia. The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court has appointed a bail (without taking into custody) in the amount of 30 million. The Appeals Chamber upheld this decision .


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