U.S. ‘Deeply Concerned’ After Bulgarian President Refers To Crimea As ‘Russian’

November 22, 2021 09:37 GMT UPDATED November 22, 2021 16:56 GMT – By RFE/RL’s Bulgarian Service

In 2016, Radev had campaigned for the lifting of Western sanctions against Russia in the election that saw him win his first term as president.

“The United States is deeply concerned by the recent statements of Bulgarian President Rumen Radev in which he referred to Crimea as ‘Russian,'” the U.S. Embassy in Sofia said in a statement on November 22.

“The United States, G7, European Union, and NATO have all been clear and united in our position that, despite Russia’s attempted annexation and ongoing occupation, Crimea is Ukraine,” it said.

“All of us, including Bulgaria, declared at the Crimea Platform Summit in August that Crimea is an integral part of Ukraine and that we do not and will not recognize Russia’s efforts to legitimize its illegal seizure and occupation of the peninsula. In recent days we have communicated our deep concern to the Bulgarian government in Washington and in Sofia,” the statement said.

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev

Later in the day, Radev’s office issued a statement saying that the head of state “has repeatedly stated that the annexation of Crimea is in violation of international law.”

“From a legal point of view, Crimea belongs to Ukraine and our country has repeatedly stated its support for its sovereignty and territorial integrity,” it added.

Following Radev’s comments on Crimea last week, Ukraine on November 19 summoned the Bulgarian ambassador to Kyiv to voice concern about Radev’s comments.

“The words of the current Bulgarian president do not contribute to the development of good neighborly relations between Ukraine and Bulgaria and are sharply dissonant with Sofia’s official position on supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders,” the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on November 19.

Radev, who campaigned for the November election on an anti-corruption platform, took 66 percent of the vote in the runoff after falling just short of a majority in the first round.



  1. It is easy to fuck with Radev, but if some nations disagree with him they need to provide Ukraine with military support that will enable Ukraine to regain the Crimea. Otherwise it’s just dumb talk! Help Ukraine or consider the Crimea lost! Have a nice day!

  2. U.S. Assistance to Bulgaria

    The United States supported Bulgaria’s political and economic development from the early 1990s to Bulgaria’s accession to the EU in 2007. During this transformative period, USAID invested more than $700 million towards development of Bulgaria’s energy sector, banking and financial institutions, and civil society.

    U.S. government investment in military education, training, and modernization helps create stronger, more effective Bulgarian military units that can deploy alongside U.S. forces when needed. The United States provides security assistance to bolster Bulgaria’s cyber defense capabilities and NATO interoperability.

    With just a stroke of a pen, all assistance to Bulgaria could be ended. Let’s do it if they feel comfier with mafia land.

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