Staff Of Shuttered English-Language Kyiv Post Launches New Media Project

November 22, 2021 17:12 GMT – By RFE/RL

A group of journalists in Ukraine say they have launched a new media project after leaving the Kyiv Post amid a stand-off with the newspaper’s owner over editorial independence.

The reporters wrote on Facebook on November 22 that the newly founded Kyiv Independent, “brought to you by the former editorial team of the Kyiv Post” would rely on fundraising and donors to finance its operations.

“We are launching The Kyiv Independent because Ukraine needs on-the-ground English-language journalism of the highest quality and our community needs a news source it can trust,” they said.

“We are not dependent on a rich owner or an oligarch. We will rely first and foremost on fundraising from our readers and donors, and later on commercial activities,” it added.

The Kyiv Post was Ukraine’s largest independent English-language newspaper until abruptly shutting its operations after more than a quarter-century amid a dispute between the owner and journalists.

Adnan Kivan, the Kyiv Post publisher and a real-estate businessman, announced the closure on the paper’s website on November 8, saying it would be temporary. He did not give a reason for the move, though it did not appear to be financial.

However, a group of about 30 reporters and editors at the newspaper said in a joint statement at the time that the sudden closure came on the heels of Kivan’s attempt to “infringe” on their editorial independence.

The Kyiv Post has been critical of Ukraine’s leadership at times, highlighting slow progress on Western-backed reforms, including the crucial fight against corruption. The paper was an important source of information for Ukraine’s expat community, including foreign embassy staff.


  1. It is hard to produce independent news and make money. Look at all the major media in the US for example, they are all owned and subsidized by large corporations except Fox News. This is how they can propagate and get away with it because they don’t rely on Customers, they rely on the Bezos-types to survive.

    • Indeed, Red, the major news providers have downgraded themselves to mouthpieces for leftist-liberalism, which is far removed from being true liberal. They enjoy leaving out important info if it sheds any doubt on their leftist doctrines and exaggerate others, if it suits them. They all should be ashamed!

      • I watched CNN for about an hour last night when they were covering the guy who drove through the Christmas parade in Wisconsin. The identity of the driver was out for hours and they just couldn’t bring themselves to inform their viewers. The guy just happened to be black.

        • A career criminal; a total degenerate with a horrific rap sheet going back years. A terrible danger to women. A Democrat supporter who produces “kill the pigs” – type raps.
          In Britain, a psychopath who raped and murdered two girls was freed from a very cushy prison after only 30 years. He was caught planning his next rape/murder and has now been recalled to jail, when he should have been strung up years ago. The mind of the leftists are wired in a disturbing way: they have endless compassion for evil criminals but none for their victims.

        • That’s just one example of the mainstream’s selective lecturing of the masses. Fox News didn’t hold back on this info, about that mass murderer in Wisconsin. God knows that the mainstream media would have trounced all over the “white supremacist” if the guy had a pale face. By the way, the kraut media operates in the very same manner.

  2. I donno what to comment. KP was never perfect, but one of the few critical voices in Ukraine. The KP owner is said to be buddies with Ass-hat, but i give him the credit of the doubt.

  3. “We are not dependent on a rich owner or an oligarch. We will rely first and foremost on fundraising from our readers and donors, and later on commercial activities,”
    I hope so. That would be a positive thing for the paper. We have papers that are highly dependent on people with large wallets and narrow minds.

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