Lukashenko warns Poles not to close border with Belarus

At the same time, Minsk wants no border conflicts

Leader of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko decided to warn Poles not to close the border with Belarus. According to him, in such case Poland will need to think of an alternative route of connection with the Russian Federation – the one via the occupied areas of Donbas. He said so during the meeting with his assistant in Grodno region, BelTa reports.

“You must have heard that these savages, politicians and leaders of Poland: “We’ll close the border and Kuznica, the railway border checkpoint, et cetera. I can only say this: they close it – well, fine by us. Close it if that’s more convenient for you. But one has to think first, how are they going to communicate with Russia, China, and the East in general. They’ll go across Donbas. But there are some tough guys, and they’ll man them up fast”, Lukashenko said. 

At the same time, he added that Minsk wants no border conflicts.

Earlier, Polish Premier Mateusz Morawiecky claimed that his government was ready to boost the sanctions against Belarus, specifically to close the border checkpoints and halt the shipment of goods across the neighboring country. At a press conference in Tallinn, he also stated that the illegal migrants from the Close East are used as a human shield while the power crisis is being boosted artificially.

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    • “…how are they going to communicate with Russia, China, and the East in general. They’ll go across Donbas.”

      How will Poland communicate with Russia or China? They will have to go through the Donbas? Does this Soviet punk even know there are things like telephones that allow communication without riding across a country to speak with someone?

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      • The phone hasn’t reached Belarus yet. Or maybe he’s talking about transit of goods, but it seems the Poles are taking that into account. Probably Luka is worried the transit fees from Poland will stop, fucking his economy even more.

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  1. What?! Belarus is part of Russia now. No need to have open borders. That only applies to allies of the Empire, not ruSSian lackeys. Didn’t Luka state that he would defend Belarus against all invasions, fighting to the last. Seems Luka LOST!

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