Biden, Putin to discuss Ukraine during meeting, – Russian Foreign Minister

19:26, 22 November 2021 – 112 Ukraine

The date of the politicians’ talks is still unknown

US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will discuss Ukraine during the new contact, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced during a press conference.

“During the next contact between our presidents [Biden and Putin], it’s time and other parameters are currently being discussed, of course, the Ukrainian issue will arise one way or another,” Lavrov said.

He also said that Moscow does not consider it necessary to create new formats for Ukraine. “There is a ‘Norman format’ and there is the most important mechanism that implements the agreements contained in the Minsk package of measures and in subsequent decisions,” said the Russian diplomat.

It is noted that the terms and format of the new talks of politicians are still being agreed.

As it was reported by Bloomberg on November 11, the USA has warned its European partners about a possible Russian military operation against Ukraine. According to the agency, Washington’s assessments are based on information that the American side has not yet shared with the EU. Officials familiar with the White House say this information is backed up by publicly available evidence.

The satellite photos taken by Western experts on November 2 confirmed reports that Russia is again concentrating troops and military hardware on the border with Ukraine. The images were taken by Colorado-based US space technology company Maxar Technologies, which handed them over to Politico.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell warned that if the situation on Ukraine’s borders worsens, the EU will not be able to support Kyiv with troops.


  • Looks like Bidenov is going to get more instructions from his boss or perhaps Putin wants to buy more of Hunter’s paintings.

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  • What is there to discuss? All Biden or the last 2 presidents had to say is, get out of Ukraine, or your economy dies.

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  • The gutter rat better serve ole sleepy some strong coffee, lest he will fall asleep as he did during the climate summit.
    On the other hand, it doesn’t matter. Biden won’t remember what was said anyhow.

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  • “EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell warned that if the situation on Ukraine’s borders worsens, the EU will not be able to support Kyiv with troops.”
    That cocksucker effectively speaks for the EU and Nato. He’s basically giving putler carte blanche to do whatever the fuck he likes.
    Situation is the same as 2014; Ukraine is alone. UNLESS the Budapest signatories finally honour their obligations.
    A putler/O’Bidenov meeting is useless, since putler will not alter his position. Therefore the initiative must come from the allies: “you must cancel your invasion plans permanently and get out of Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine permanently. We can help you with the wording of your statement so you don’t lose face. Plus you could achieve a massive trade dividend; once you have paid full reparations.
    Failure to do these things will result in permanent US/UK bases in Ukraine and a comprehensive range of crushing sanctions.”

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  • Russia has Crimea, Chechnya and Tatarstan. What more do they want? No scum here! GFY!

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