Almost all residents leave village fired on and destroyed by DNR militants (PHOTO)

Employees of the Prolisok Humanitarian Mission have assisted in the evacuation of civilians from the village of Nevelske destroyed by the Russian occupiers. This was reported the Mission’s head Yevhen Kaplin.

Residents of the village were assisted in transporting surviving things and livestock to a new place of residence in safer settlements.

The report notes that 45 civilians permanently resided in Nevelske at the beginning of November 2021 (before the start of the escalation of hostilities), of which three are children and 23 are elderly people. As of Sunday evening, 3 families – 5 people – remained in the village. The rest of the civilians decided to leave the settlement due to the intensified shelling from the militants.

The escalation of the conflict in Nevelske began in the night of November 14. 16 residential buildings were damaged during the night shelling, of which 3 were completely destroyed. The settlement has been de-energized from November 14, and power lines in the village have been damaged. 9 more houses of civilians were damaged during the next shelling in the night of November 17.

Most of the damaged houses were previously rebuilt by international humanitarian organizations.

(c)OSTROV 2021


  1. The Putinazis are making sure nobody lives anywhere near their occupation. I doubt there are many people even remaining in occupied territory. They don’t dare have an election because that would show it. Putin is just turning it into another military base like the Crimea.

  2. I hope the tourists are prepared for the echo in the long run. Traitor and mafioso Zelensky won’t last forever and will be replaced by a patriot. Same goes for Joe Biden. We will never forget, always remember.

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