The war is near. Why Russia is “rocking” Europe with migrants and rushing to change the government in Ukraine

The worst confrontation between Russia and the West since the Cold War is how Western analysts characterize the current situation. Ukraine is threatened by an invasion that could happen in a few weeks. Can anything stop these predatory plans of the Kremlin?

The American channel CBS News, citing official sources, reports that a possible Russian invasion is possible in the next few weeks.

“We know the scenario – to provoke in Ukraine and use it as an excuse for what Russia is going to do,” said US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

What exactly is Russia going to do? TSN. The week is convinced: to learn about it, it is not necessary to be a spy. All you have to do is turn on Kremlin television. And there the leading Russian TV stars sublimely describe the full-scale invasion of Ukraine according to the Syrian scenario.

“There is nothing to prevent a similar operation, using every opportunity, striking from the air at vital facilities of the Ukrainian armed forces,” – says a leading Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov.

General Andrei Kartapolov, who experts believe was involved in the downing of a Malaysian Boeing over Donbass, commanded a Russian group in Syria. TSN.Tyzhden watched as he happily detailed the Syrian scenario for Ukrainians in his voice: ammunition, communications. That then it was possible to come to solve problems “.

The tasks are clear: the destruction of Ukrainian statehood, the formation of a loyal regime on the ruins of independence.The Commander of the British Armed Forces Sir Nick Carter calls migrants a classic deceptive maneuver / Illustration REUTERSThe Commander of the British Armed Forces Sir Nick Carter calls migrants a classic deceptive maneuver / Illustration REUTERS

“As a result of the operation of forcing peace, the notion of Nazi rule in Kyiv disappears, and the liberated people elect a truly democratic government,” Volodymyr Solovyov describes Ukraine’s “prospects.”

As TSN.Tyzhden has already reported, thousands of unfortunate people in Belarus who are storming fences on the Polish border have to play an important role in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

The commander of the British Armed Forces, Sir Nick Carter, calls migrants a classic deceptive maneuver.

“The border crisis should divert attention from the new military attacks that Putin is preparing in Ukraine,” said Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken echoes it literally, trying to stop Russia: “Russia will make a serious mistake if it repeats the fourteenth year and enters the sovereign Ukrainian territory, falsely claiming that it was provoked.”

So, the United States, Britain and Poland. It seems that we can only count on this trinity if we want to stop the implementation of the Syrian scenario for Ukraine.

According to TSN.Tyzhden, the British Prime Minister tried to persuade his European colleagues to make a choice: which is more important – fuel or democracy?

“We hope that other European countries will understand that there will soon be a choice between injecting Russian hydrocarbons into new giant pipelines and commitment to Ukraine,” said Boris Johnson.

But Brussels has no desire to support Ukraine militarily. In the event of an open invasion, the Europeans offer only sanctions. And sanctions no longer scare the Kremlin.Space jump in gas and oil prices makes Kremlin statements even more brazen / Illustration REUTERSSpace jump in gas and oil prices makes Kremlin statements even more brazen / Illustration REUTERS

The cosmic jump in gas and oil prices makes the Kremlin’s statements even more brazen. So Putin is simply making fun of the collective West: “We are constantly talking about ‘red lines,’ but of course we understand that our partners are very unique. And, to put it mildly, they are superficially very sensitive to all our reservations and conversations. about “red lines”.

Its “red line” is Ukraine’s accession to NATO. In order to prevent it from being crossed, Russian tanks are ready to cross the line of the Ukrainian border with their geese. Satellite data record the accumulation of offensive equipment around Ukraine. Unlike the open build-up of troops in the spring of 2021, Russia is now trying to withdraw troops covertly. And this is no longer intimidation, but the implementation of a real offensive scenario.

“Our recent warnings have a certain effect: there is some tension there,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The national anthem of Ukraine is being played in Washington. The Secretary of Defense receives his Ukrainian counterpart. Talk about how the Americans will help stop the aggressor. TSN.Tyzhden watched as the new head of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry thanked in excellent English for the warning about Russian military preparations. Alexei Reznikov has studied the Russians well in the Tripartite Contact Group, so he hopes that the arithmetic of possible losses will force the Kremlin to put the brakes on in time.

“Russians are very pragmatic people. Aggression can only be stopped by a clear illustration that it will be very dear to them. This pragmatism can be a reason to understand that aggression is unprofitable for them,” said Alexei Reznikov at a meeting in the United States.

But it seems that it is pragmatism that pushes the aggressor to do the opposite – to press the gas pedal of his military vehicle. Their goal is to change the government in Kyiv to a pro-Russian one as soon as possible. Why are they in a hurry?

Key European countries are paralyzed by the migration crisis. And although they understand that the Kremlin’s ears are clearly sticking out, they do not want to quarrel with Russia. Because Nord Stream 2 will start working soon. It will turn Russia’s European partners from gas buyers to sellers. And prices for Russian gas are known to have risen to space.

US Vice President Kamala Harris has served as host of the Oval Office. And although it lasted only eighty-five minutes – while President Joe Biden was in the hospital under anesthesia – there is nervousness in the United States. The older Biden is, the higher the risk of frequent replacements of the most influential person in the world. And this may slow down America’s rapid reaction to further aggression against Ukraine…

The Kremlin is aware that this window of opportunity for them will quickly close. Next year, Ukraine will begin building two new naval bases with the British. The Ukrainian fleet will be replenished with new boats and ships. Including missiles. New Ukrainian missiles will be on combat duty on the shore. Ukraine will not only buy up to fifty Bayraktars, but will also have a whole plant of “drones” “

When all this arsenal appears in Ukraine, the price of aggression will become unbearable. And so, Moscow is in a hurry and raises rates. So it looks like we are guaranteed the next few weeks on a powder keg.

Andriy Tsaplienko, Olga Koshelenko

(C)UNIAN 2021


  1. If this catastrophe happens; God willing it won’t, then the evil fascist regime of putler will be to blame. But the people who could have prevented it but did nothing must also share some of the blame : GW Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden and Merkel.
    I think it would be great if Boris will send missiles, weapons, ground troops and provide air support for Ukraine. It will not be a popular measure for him in Britain, but he has shown that he will sometimes take unpopular actions.
    I hope that our lads will not be needed, but someone must show solidarity with Ukraine at this time.

      • The ones you name are all firm anti-putler politicians. Britain is the junior partner and does not undertake expeditionary actions without US approval. The exception was Margaret Thatcher in The Falklands. But a) she had a large and powerful armed forces at her disposal and b) she was a stateswoman, able to act independently on her own initiative. I am 99% certain she would have sent a task force to Ukraine in 2014, regardless of what orders came from the WH.
        It may turn out that Boris, who is not in her class, might have some of her grit and may have already taken a decision to support Ukraine with ground forces. As I understand it, he has elements of the SAS and SBS on standby. If deployed, even though they are small in number, they can inflict very severe damage to the enemy.

  2. “The worst confrontation between Russia and the West since the Cold War is how Western analysts characterize the current situation.”
    In all of the West’s history, it has never been left so baffled and confused, with the “leaders” standing around like dumbass jerks, holding their limp dicklets in their limpwristed hands – if they have dicklets to begin with – wondering what hit them. The miniature pipsqueak in the Kremlin has been playing games with the West since the start of its aggression against Ukraine. If the Kremlin does indeed escalate the war in Ukraine, then they can look into their mirrors to see the main reason why this is happening. Appeasement has never worked. They have ignored the lessons of the past, thinking that blowing hot air is the way to contain criminal dictators like Pew-tin and his corrupt gang members. They showed weakness and ignorance. They are not worthy. They are useless trash.

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