Ron Paul: Russian useful idiot or Russian agent like his son Rand?

*Warning: this article is entirely constructed from lies, disinformation, malice and recycled kremkrapp. it comes from a rancid website :

Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

Article by Ron Paul from April 5, 2021

Why is the Biden Administration Pushing Ukraine to Attack Russia?

written by ron paul

On March 24th, Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky signed what was essentially a declaration of war on Russia. In the document, titled Presidential Decree No. 117/2021, the US-backed Ukrainian leader declared that it is the official policy of Ukraine to take back Crimea from Russia.

The declaration that Ukraine would take back Crimea from Russia also followed, and was perhaps instigated by, President Biden’s inflammatory and foolish statement that “Crimea is Ukraine.”

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who was a chief architect of the US-backed coup against Ukraine in 2014, continued egging on the Ukrainians, promising full US support for the “territorial integrity” of Ukraine. Many Americans wonder why they are not even half as concerned about the territorial integrity of the United States!

Not to be outdone, at the beginning of this month US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin – who previously served on the board of missile-maker Raytheon – called his counterpart in Ukraine and promised “unwavering US support for Ukraine’s sovereignty.” As the US considers Crimea to be Ukrainian territory, this is clearly a clear green light for Kiev to take military action.

Washington is also sending in weapons. Some 300 tons of new weapons have arrived in the past weeks and more is on the way.

As could be expected, Moscow has responded to Zelensky’s decree and to the increasingly bellicose rhetoric in Kiev and Washington by re-positioning troops and other military assets closer to its border with Ukraine. Does anyone doubt that if the US were in the same situation – for example, if China installed a hostile and aggressive government in Mexico – the Pentagon might move troops in a similar manner?

But according to the media branch of the US military-industrial-Congressional-media complex, Russian troop movements are not a response to clear threats from a neighbor, but instead are just more “Russian aggression.”

The unhinged US “experts” behind the 2014 coup against the elected Ukrainian president are back in power and they are determined to finish the job – even if it means World War III! The explicit US backing of Ukraine’s military ambitions in the region are a blank check to Kiev.

But it is a check that Kiev would be wise to avoid cashing. Back in 1956 the US government pumped endless propaganda into Hungary promising military backing for an uprising against its Soviet occupiers. When the Hungarians, believing Washington’s lies, did rise up they found themselves all alone and facing Soviet retaliation.

Despite the cruel US propaganda, at least Eisenhower was wise enough to realize that no one would benefit from a nuclear war over Budapest.

Why is it any of our business whether Crimea is part of Ukraine or part of Russia? Why is it any of our business if the Russian-speaking population of eastern Ukraine prefer being aligned with Russia?

Why, for that matter, are unproven allegations of Russian meddling in our elections a violation of the “rules-based international order” but an actual US-backed coup against an elected Ukrainian government is not?

We are seeing foreign policy made by Raytheon and the other US military contractors, through cut-outs in government like Austin and others. Feckless US foreign policy “experts” believe their own propaganda about Russia and are on the verge of taking us to war over it.

It seems as if Americans are sleepwalking through this dangerous minefield. Let us hope they soon wake up before we’re all blown up.

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  1. This malignant little fuck put this kremkrapp out the last time his tiny fuhrer was menacing Ukraine. No doubt he’s cooking up another rehash of putler-groveling lies right now.
    Both Pauls need to be kicked out of the Trump wing of the GOP. In fact if the GOP wants to retain its integrity, it needs to expel both of them permanently from its party and commence proceedings on the grounds that both of them are clearly acting in the interests of a murderous fascist power that is an enemy of the United States.

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    • I don’t know you but considered you a friend and always treated you with the greatest respect. However, those unpleasant, unfounded and revolting remarks from you demonstrate the exact opposite.

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        • Happy to accept your apology.
          I considered taking a break from the site and definitely would have were it not for the fact that we seem to be in a period of serious tension and I want to stay involved until things get better.
          Please note that I have never expressed an opinion of Trump, only stated known facts. If you can find anything I have said about him that is not factual I would be surprised. I never state conspiracy theories, unless in the context of quoting someone else.
          In fact I have numerous times commended him on his pro-British stance. I only express opinions on the putler murder gang and those in western politics and media that shill for them. When it comes to them, I don’t stint on the criticism.

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  2. I appreciate the warning at the start of this article concerning the authenticity of its sources. I definitely admit that maybe I don’t know enough about the man, but of what I’ve seen in the right-wing news media here in America, Rand Paul seems the opposite of a “Russian agent.” He’s actively spoken against vaccination mandates and covid lockdowns, he has been friendly with former President Trump, and I haven’t seen any friendliness from him towards Russia, Iran, or China. Of what I’ve seen, he only seems neutral towards them, while siding with the United States positions in general, except for when he spoke against China for being the source of covid 19, and how they did nothing to stop the virus or warn the world about it, until it had already spread globally.

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  3. At first, Paul was clearly anti-Putin/Russia. That was back in 2014.
    “Sen. Rand Paul: U.S. Must Take Strong Action Against Putin’s Aggression”

    Only a couple of years later, he changed his stripes.
    “Rand Paul Wants to Scrap Some U.S. Sanctions on Russia”
    “Rand Paul has suddenly emerged as one of Trump’s biggest allies on Russia”
    “Rand Paul Fights Sanctions on Russian Pipeline”
    “Rand Paul’s Campaign to Appease Russia Comes to Congress”

    We do not need anyone in government who is nothing but a pathetic Russian stooge.

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    • Another one who mysteriously flipped on Russia is Orban. In 2008 he strongly condemned putler for attacking Georgia, but by 2014 he was a full on putlerite.
      Trump since the 80’s was a reliable friend of Russia but has flipped twice : live on the Michael Savage show in 2014, he abruptly changed the subject and went into a firm anti-putler diatribe. There was an awkward pause and Savage abruptly switched to yet another topic. The next time he appeared on Savage, he was fully on board with Savage’s bullshit about EU sponsored coup against a democratically elected politician. By 2016, he had hired a succession of putlerite criminals for his election team and given his support for the theft of Crimea on a live TV interview which can still be seen on YouTube.

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    • In my opinion the Pauls need to stay out of foreign policy altogether. They would stand down the military in almost all situations. They are perfectly ok with Putin’s theft, torture, rape and murdering by the thousands and radical Islamists beheading freedom loving people around the world. When they look in the mirror they don’t see one small man, they see a president which in reality will not ever happen.

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