The sardonic composer Randy Newman created a ‘tribute’ back in 2017.



  1. Ha, ha! I didn’t know that Randy made a song about the Pew-tin. Having numerous photos of the topless pipsqueak in this music video makes it difficult for the eyes to watch. Thus, I caution against the possibility of getting eye cancer.
    Whenever I hear a Randy Newman song, it reminds me of the TV series “Monk”. Great show!

    • I guess Randy won’t be doing any shows with the filthy putler-groveler Roger Waters any time soon.
      Scrolling the comments, there were some from intelligent Russians who approved the song, plus quite a few from thicko Russians who took it literally and thought it actually was a tribute to the tiny poisoner.
      Randy’s antecedents are Russian Jewish, so he knows all about the pogroms and historical Russian savagery.
      PS, Randy also did a very funny number called “Short People”.

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