A new pavement has been laid on the 130-kilometer section of the Kyiv-Kharkiv-Dovzhanskyi highway

Ukravtodor reported that a new pavement was laid on 130 km of the M-03 Kyiv-Kharkiv-Dovzhanskyi highway from Kharkiv to the border with the Donetsk region.

“We are completing the marking and infrastructure along the repaired section of the M-03 highway,” the statement said.

Ukravtodor also noted that two layers of new asphalt-concrete pavement have been laid on 130 km of the road.

“Large-scale repairs of the route from Kharkiv to the border with Donbass started last year. In 2021, the entrance to Kharkiv and the section within the city of Chuguiv were restored. Another 27 km were restored by 2020, ”added the State Agency for Motorways.

The contractor Avtomagistral-Pivden LLC has five public transport stops left to install, install new road signs and complete the application of road markings and the installation of a barrier fence.

It is planned to complete all works on the 130 km section by the end of the year.


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