The world leader in the production of irrigation equipment will enter the Ukrainian market

The Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Roman Leshchenko signed with the Vice President of Valmont, Inc. Darren Sickman Memorandum of Cooperation.

Valmont, Inc. Is the world’s number one company with a 75-year history in the production of full-cycle irrigation equipment with a capitalization of over $ 5 billion. Almost every second irrigation system in the world is their product.

“The company knows about the success of land reform and the start of irrigation reform in Ukraine. It has ambitious plans to expand its production with a high level of localization: it will be able to produce and sell full-cycle irrigation systems in Ukraine – from pumping stations to sprinklers of the latest generation, “said Roman Leshchenko.

The Minister also added that in the near future the adoption of the bill №5202-d “On the organization of water users and promotion of hydraulic land reclamation” is expected, which will intensify the development of irrigation in Ukraine and accelerate investment in the private sector of our country. The strategic partner in this matter is the International Finance Corporation (IFC), with which in August this year in Washington the Ministry of Agrarian Policy signed agreements on organizational support for reform and implementation of available financial instruments for farmers.

According to Roman Leshchenko, the Ministry, for its part, continues next year a successful program to compensate 25% of producers of domestic agricultural equipment, and also scales for our farmers a state program to support the commissioning of new reclamation lands, provided that the new reclamation infrastructure is developed on Ukrainian factories.

“Our team has always been, is and will be a priority: attracting large-scale investment projects to Ukraine, providing long-term cheap financing for farmers and implementing the leading innovations of global companies in our country. The goal is to maximize the potential of the agricultural sector in the global market and accelerate the economic growth of Ukraine’s economy. We continue to work on its implementation, “Roman Leshchenko summed up.


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