“We are Slavs. We have a heart. ” Lukashenko admitted that Belarusian security forces helped migrants to cross the border

Alyaksandr Lukashenka, in an interview with the British television and radio corporation BBC, called it “absolutely possible” that the Belarusian security forces helped migrants cross the border with Poland. This was reported on the BBC website, where an excerpt from an interview is quoted.

“We are Slavs. We have a heart. Our troops know that migrants are going to Germany. Maybe someone helped them. I will not even understand this, ”Lukashenka said.

At the same time, he denies that the Belarusian authorities invited migrants to the country, promising them an easy way to the European Union in order to provoke a crisis .

“I told them [in the European Union] that I was not going to detain migrants at the border. If they continue to arrive, I will not stop them, because they are striving not to my country, but to yours, ”Lukashenka said.

“We didn’t invite them here. And, to be honest, I don’t want them to pass through Belarus, ”Lukashenka added.

He  was interviewed by the BBC on 19 November. The full version of this conversation has not yet been released.

This week Alexander Lukashenko called twice with the acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss the migration crisis on the border of Belarus and the EU, as well as humanitarian aid to migrants.

After the first conversation with Merkel, Lukashenko ordered to  place the migrants, who had camped on the Belarusian-Polish border in early November, in the border logistics center.

Now in Belarus there are about 7 thousand migrants from the Middle East. Lukashenka offered to send two thousand of them to Germany, and another five thousand to their homeland (if they agree), said his press secretary Natalya Eismont. Merkel refused this offer, a source in the German government told TASS.

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  1. “We are Slavs. We have a heart.”
    Being a Slav does not guarantee to have a heart. Loony has none and neither does his new master in Moscow nor the countless oligarchs, state officials and all their other minions and boot lickers.

    “Our troops know that migrants are going to Germany.”
    The only true statement. Germanystan will take them once they make it into the dumbass country. There, they will freeload for life and rape the occasional Fräulein or two.

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