Putin blames the West for ruining relations with Russia

Russia’s relations with NATO countries have become “distressing”, the possibilities of cooperation with the European Union are “narrowing”, interaction with the United States is “in an unsatisfactory state” after the expulsion of Russian diplomats, which made it impossible for Russian embassies to function normally, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the board of the Foreign Ministry.

Not so long ago, relations between Russia and Western countries, including the United States, “were simply unique,” we were almost allies, Putin recalled. But the situation has changed dramatically, and the blame for this, according to Putin, lies solely with the West. NATO has conducted “several waves of expansions”, and the infrastructure of the bloc is located near the Russian borders. Their missile defense systems are deployed in Romania and Poland, which, according to Moscow, can be used for attack purposes.

“Western partners exacerbate the situation by supplying Kyiv with lethal modern weapons, conducting provocative military maneuvers in the Black Sea. As for the Black Sea, this generally goes beyond certain limits. Strategic bombers fly at a distance of 20 kilometers from our state border, and they, as you know, carry very serious weapons,” Putin said.

The European Union, according to Putin, continues to “push us away with sanctions, unfriendly actions and unfounded accusations,” and the United States has been pursuing a “provocative line” for five years, practicing sweeping entry bans and restrictions for Russian diplomats.

“Our property in the United States  was seized in violation of all international norms and rules. It was a gross violation. They just took away the property, and that’s all,” Putin was indignant.

Russia, he said, constantly expresses concerns about various “red lines”, but the attitude of Western partners was “to put it mildly, very superficial”.

However, the situation has begun to change recently. Warnings have produced a certain effect, Putin said.

“A certain tension did arise there. And in this regard, I see two points here. First, it is necessary that this feeling [of fear] is preserved in them as much as possible. And secondly, it is necessary to raise the question, Sergey Viktorovich (Lavrov), about how to ensure that Russia has serious long-term guarantees for the security in this direction,” Putin addressed the Foreign Minister.

“Russia cannot exist like this and constantly think about what can happen there tomorrow,” he added.

Putin does not see Russia’s fault in the collapse of relations with the West. According to him, Russia is a peace-loving country that is committed to developing partnerships “with all countries and regional associations,” Putin said.

“We do not need conflicts,” he stressed, and as an example of effective interstate cooperation, he called relations with “neighbors and friends from the People’s Republic of China.”

“Now bilateral relations (with China) have reached the highest level in history and have the characteristics of a comprehensive strategic partnership,” the president said.

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  1. “Their missile defense systems are deployed in Romania and Poland, which, according to Moscow, can be used for attack purposes.”

    The missile systems in Kaliningrad on NATO’s borders are for what exactly? Stop fucking whining and start behaving like a civilised country, and you will be treated like one. It’s no coincidence that all the good work between Yeltsin and the West was undone as soon as the drunken fool elected Putin instead of Nemtsov as leader of Russia. All Russian problems were created by Russia, not the West.

    • That worthless, pointless skank Hillary Clinton wrote a fatuous, self-serving book that went into lots of gossipy details about her and her spunk-stained husband’s many meetings with Boris Yeltsin. She made it sound as if she was a part of the govt, instead of what she was, which was a shitty left wing lawyer who married into power and influence.
      Anyway, this book pissed off many influential Russians, who determined that Yeltsin was weak because of his drinking and tendency to be quite amenable to the Clintoids. Of course the fucking bbc paid her to read her crap book in full on radio 4. Pricks.
      This was partly how putler grabbed power. He told Yeltsin to name him as his chosen successor and the Yeltsin family’s corruption would be swept under the carpet.
      The rodent was greatly assisted by Abramovich, who by this time had his own flat inside the kremlin. It was Abramovich who interviewed and selected putler’s first cabinet. He remains a putler loyalist to this day. He was ordered to buy CFC because it was an ideal platform to buy influence in London and of course launder loads of corrupt Russian money.
      That’s why we need to seize CFC and other putler assets in London.

  2. Yes, yes, yes it is all the fault of everyone else except the country that actually did invade their neighbors, hire hackers to destabilize the world, poison and imprison any opposition, shoot down a domestic airliner with 298 innocent souls onboard, send propagandists all over the world, steal oil, gas, diamonds, gold and toilets everywhere they go, nakedly kidnap and torture everywhere they go and attempt to annex territory because they want to. No no, Moscow isn’t guilty it is Brussels and Washington….
    Where’s my horilka?….

    • What pisses me off, not one politician in the West ever responds to this BS. All we ever hear is, we need Russia to sort out problems. Yeah, problems Russia caused in the first place.

  3. Seriously, watching paint drying has more fascination about it than what this high-heeled scrotum licker has to say.

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