What surprised the Americans, led by Sean Penn, during a visit to the Azov Sea, the frontline and Mariupol.

Famous American film director and actor Sean Penn visited Ukraine for the first time during his visit, near Mariupol he and his team were shooting a film. This was reported on the OOS Facebook page . 

In creative collaboration with a Ukrainian production group, the winner of two Oscars plans to shoot a documentary about Ukraine. The main idea is to tell the general public about the events that are now taking place in our country.

Sean Penn was able to see with his own eyes the consequences of the aggression by visiting one of the settlements of the Azov Sea.

“During the visit, the director had the opportunity to communicate with Ukrainian servicemen, who today, as part of one of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, defend the Ukrainian lands and give a worthy rebuff to the enemy,” it was reported.

Somewhat unexpected for the American delegation was the fact that a significant percentage of Ukrainian servicemen are women who not only serve in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but, on an equal basis with everyone, carry out combat missions and lead combat units directly on the line of confrontation.Let us remind you that Sean Penn arrived in Mariupol on November 17 in the morning in a saloon car , which is attached to the train, he had a very busy work schedule. 



  1. Does whoever gave Penn authorisation to make this documentary know his background? Usually far leftists like Oliver Stone support putler. In Stone’s case, so much so that he did just about everything except give the rodent a blowjob.
    It could be that Penn is not a putler jackboot licker, but look at his past form: he was friends with both Castro brothers, close friends with Hugo Chavez and went to see the Argentinian nazi Cristina Kirchner to support her entirely bogus claim to the Falkland Islands.
    To put his bullshit into context, The Falklands were British before Argentina existed. They were uninhabited before the British arrived. On the other hand, the Conquistadors invaded the land that is now Argentina and inflicted genocide on the indigenous population. Remind you of anyone?

    • I’m sure that seeing the frontlines in person will not leave Penn with many positive impressions of Pew-tin if he has even a lick of compassion.

      • I am more than happy to give him the benefit of the doubt. He is an undoubted talent and if he unambiguously takes Ukraine’s side against this appalling fascist aggressor, he could do a lot of good.

  2. Those images bring back memories of my own visit to Shyrokine in 2015. The place still looks the same. Of course, there were no reporters at my heels back then. The scenes that I saw there and the words that I heard from the Azov members left a lasting impression on me. Penn hopefully also sees in full reality what Putinism means to this innocent country called Ukraine.

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