A Vega rocket with a Ukrainian engine launched three French military satellites


Arianespace’s Vega launch vehicle launched three CERES satellites belonging to the French army into orbit on November 16.

The rocket was launched at 11.27 Kyiv time from the spaceport of the Guiana Space Center, which is located in northeastern South America.

The French space agency (CNES) said that the purpose of the CERES satellites would be to collect reconnaissance signals from areas inaccessible to ground-based sensors. These signals can be used in military operations.

It is noted that today’s launch was the third for Vega in 2021 and the 12th for Arianespace.

The next launch for Arianespace is scheduled for December 18. Then aboard the Ariane 5 launch vehicle will be NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

It should be noted that at the beginning of September in French Guiana a successful launch of a European Vega light launch vehicle made with the participation of Ukraine took place . In this project, the Pivdenne Design Bureau developed the RD-843 propulsion engine unit (BMD), which is used as part of the Vega RN 4th stage liquid propulsion system, and was serially manufactured at the VO Pivdennyi Machine-Building Plant.


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