BILD: Lukashenka in conversation with Merkel demanded to recognize him as legitimate

Over the past few days, Merkel managed to talk to Lukashenko and Putin because of the migration crisis.European countries do not recognize Lukashenko as legitimate president / REUTERSEuropean countries do not recognize Lukashenko as legitimate president / REUTERS

Alexander Lukashenko in a conversation with acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel was outraged that he was called “Mr. Lukashenko” and not “President.”

BILD writes about it .

As the newspaper notes, Lukashenko insisted on recognizing him as legitimate and lifting the sanctions imposed against his regime for falsifying elections, political persecution and the forced landing of Ryanair in Minsk along with the arrest of blogger Roman Protasevich.

In addition, Lukashenko also proposed to Merkel to transfer part of the migrants to the European Union (hinting at Germany) and to provide Belarus with financial assistance for the temporary maintenance of refugees at the Belarusian-Polish border.

At the same time, according to information obtained by journalists, Merkel remained tough and promised to study the issue, discussing them with the heads of EU member states.

Over the past few days, acting Chancellor managed to talk with Lukashenko and Putin because of the migration crisis provoked by the Belarusian regime on the border with Poland.

Migration crisis on the border of Belarus and EU countries

As UNIAN reported earlier, in early November in Belarus a large group of migrants from crisis regions  arrived at the border with Poland . The people are under the control of the armed Belarusian security officials, who determined the direction of movement of migrants.

The Polish authorities ordered to strengthen the protection of the border with Belarus. On the morning of November 10,  it became known about the breakthrough of  two large groups of refugees from the territory of Belarus to Poland.

The government in Warsaw accuses Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko of organizing the delivery of refugees from crisis regions to the external border of the European Union.

At the end of May, Lukashenka announced that his country would no longer interfere with the passage of migrants to the EU – thus the official Minsk reacted to the tightening of sanctions by Western countries against Belarus.

In addition, since November 10, due to the migration crisis, Lithuania has  introduced a state of emergency  in the border zone with Belarus.

On November 10, the NSDC made a decision to strengthen  border protection  and prepare for scenarios that take place on the Belarusian-Polish border.

On November 11, Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky said that the border with Belarus would be  additionally guarded by  8.5 thousand servicemen of the State Border Service, the National Guard and the police.

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  1. Soon, this pathic Stasi bitch will be gone from the political stage. It will be like a breath of fresh air, even if enough others keep on polluting it. But, Merkel was definitely one of the worst ever. So, what she thinks about loony (or pipsqueak) is as relevant as dingle balls on an ass.

  2. There is no reason to give Mr. Lukashenka anything since it was his regime that transported the invaders from the middle east and pushed them towards Poland and Lithuania. He trying to play the game like Putin, but is far more amateurish than even Putin.

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