This is not a migration crisis. This is invasion

Arkady Babchenko

The situation is seen in a completely different way, if you call things by their real names, right?

This is not a migration crisis. This is an invasion.

As Donetsk ” separatists” were not any separatists. The separatists are Scots, Basques and Kurds. Nations that have the right to self-determination and want to use it to gain independence. And if your ” separatism” suits the aggressor, the aggressor hires you, arms, pays money, supplies equipment, ammunition, provides medical care and appoints command – this has nothing to do with self-determination and independence.

At best, this is called a ” collaborator”. In our case, it is the irregular military units of the Russian army.

The ” separatists” of Donbass are exactly the same army of the Russian Federation as the Buryat tankers. They are just recruited to serve in Buryatia, and these are in Donetsk. And that’s all. No difference.

The migration crisis always has objective reasons. As it was in 2015, when from Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, people rushed in boats across the sea from war, poverty and horror by millions of people. Nobody directed them, nobody brought them on purpose – people fled from the war, fled themselves, and this stream was unstoppable.

But if you are issued a visa, brought by air, taken in an organized manner to the border and there they are trying to pull out the fence and blind the Poles with stroboscopes – these are not objective reasons. These are exclusively man-made actions.

So let’s go:

Has Russia mobilized people to use them to achieve its goals in another country in the Donbas? Yes.

Is Russia now mobilizing people to use them to achieve their goals in another country on the Polish border? Yes.

Did Russia pay them in Donbas? Yes.

Is Russia paying them on the Polish border? Yes. The only difference is that in the Donbass she paid with both promises and money, but here she pays only with promises – to deliver to the European Union.

Has Russia used the people it mobilized as cannon fodder in the Donbas? Yes.

Is Russia using the people it mobilized as cannon fodder on the Polish border? Yes.

Has Russia used women and children as a breakout crowd in Donbas? Yes.

Is Russia using women and children as a breakout crowd on the Polish border? Yes.

Did Russia lead the process in Donbass? Yes.

Is Russia leading the process on the Polish border? Yes.

Russia armed the mobilized people in the Donbass? Yes.

Is Russia arming the mobilized people now? Such conversations already exist.

Find ten differences, as they say.

Summary. Now we have exactly what we had in 2014 – people mobilized by Russia, deceived by its propaganda, whom it uses as cannon fodder to break through the border, fully controlling and financing this operation.

What the hell is the migration crisis? This is an invasion.

Poland and Lithuania understood this quite clearly. “Poland, Lithuania and Latvia are discussing the possibility of using the 4th article of the North Atlantic Treaty. This was stated by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. “We are discussing with Latvia, and especially with Lithuania, whether to introduce the fourth article of the NATO treaty. This decision provides that the parties will hold general consultations whenever, in the opinion of any of them, the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any of the allied states is under threat. “

Territorial integrity, independence and security.

Great Britain has already understood this quite clearly. “Britain is forming a rapid reaction force due to the concentration of Russian troops near the borders. A task force of up to 600 British troops is poised to redeploy to Ukraine amid fears that Russia is preparing to invade . The Special Airborne Service ( SAS) and the UK Parachute Regiment have been warned that they could be deployed in the country within hours. The preparations began after the leadership of the defense departments and the British intelligence service MI6 announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin posed a clear and real danger to Ukraine and the West, ”reports The Mirror.

“The armed forces of the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance must be ready for a war with Russia. So says the commander-in-chief of the British Armed Forces Nick Carter. He shared his opinion in a series of interviews that he distributed to the media on the eve of his resignation, reports The Gardian. Russia now poses a greater threat to eastern Europe than it did when he first assumed office as head of the British Armed Forces eight years ago, he said. “I clearly hoped that there would be no war with Russia, and did not believe that this country wants a physical war, but NATO must be ready for this,” the general warned.

The commander-in-chief of the British Armed Forces believes that one must be ready for a war with Russia. And forms a rapid response team. For redeployment in the event of an invasion.

What the hell is the migration crisis?

The situation is seen in a completely different way, if you call things by their real names, right?

In general, I am amazed at Britain every time, of course.

Kaiser Wilhelm: Should I not conquer Europe?

Britain: No.

Adolf Hitler: Shouldn’t I Conquer Europe?

Britain: No.

Joseph Stalin: Shouldn’t I also conquer Western Europe?

Britain: No.

Vladimir Putin: Should I not conquer Eastern Europe?

Britain: No.

It seems that this time the world will be saved by the Anglo-Saxons. As always. As in the First World War, as in the Second, as in the Cold … Do you know that Britain is the only country that conquered the entire Second World War from the first to the last day?

I am amazed at these guys. God save the queen. At this point, the talk about refugees, whom Europe must accept because of humanity, ends.

Sorry for people? Yes. I am a refugee myself. I understand what it is. I know that nobody runs away from a good life. I know – to leave the place, to leave everything that is, the house, belongings, land, and go with children and two bags to a foreign country to build a new life from scratch – there must be very good reasons for this.

But this is not a migration crisis. This is the strike fist of the Russian hybrid invasion. And based on this, tactics should be developed.

Opening the group to break through the border – this has to be a complete idiot.

And at this moment, from a crazy whooper, I again become Vanga. The predictions came true again. Which I’m not happy about at all.

“ Belarusians. Understand. If you lose, Belarus will be swallowed up. If Belarus is absorbed, it will become part of the Union State. If she becomes part of the new empire, you will serve in her army. If you serve in her army, we will have to fight you. Do you understand that? Realize the main thing. There is no question of “peaceful protest” or “non-peaceful protest”. The question is: either you will fight Lukashenka in Minsk now. Either your children will fight in Syria, Libya, Chechnya, Ukraine and in the very near future, believe me ” ( September 14, 2020)

Exactly a year ago it was written. Just a year ago. Where are the Nobel laureates with their shoes removed? In just a few days, reality has changed so much that we now live in a world where Poland and Lithuania are convening NATO because of the Russian invasion, Britain is forming a rapid reaction team, and Belarusian border guards are tearing up Polish border posts for a new provocation in Gleiwitz.

(c) HB


  1. The jellyfish would do well to read this article, and it comes from a guy who knows Russia very well. Although he has a Ukrainian name, he is in fact a Russian.

      • You might remember him, he was the journalist that faked his own death with cooperation of the SBU so they could arrest Russian GRU who were going to assassinate him.

        Early November 2019 Babchenko relocated to Israel as a response to the election of Volodymyr Zelensky as President of Ukraine in April 2019. However, other journalists in Ukraine have indicated he moved to “either Estonia or Finland. “After a period of vociferously insisting on Israel as his country of residence, Babchenko has employed a “no comment” policy regarding his permanent location. Nonetheless, he vows to return to Ukraine in the future claiming “Ukraine is my country. And I’m going to live there.”

        While in exile, Babchenko wrote in his blog that he “totally shared” Mikhail Glinka’s infamous valediction: “Damn Russia and its deplorable, pitiful people, and may I never encounter either again in my life.”

        That is some quote, and one I fully agree with.

  2. 2015 was staged by Turkey, with the support of Assad and Putin. It was an invasion as well. These ‘refugees’, mostly young males, are a tool to destabilize european nations and cause political radicalization and polarization. Time to get tough and send the trash to Russia where they can cause some major havoc instead.

    • Absolutely, and the continued distraction was the constant yet small number of casualties to keep the media focused on something besides the mission. Similarly in the Donbas to distract from Crimea and now to distract the media from the buildup around Ukraine.

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