The SBU handed over a billion hryvnias worth of seized Russian weapons to the Ukrainian military

Модернізований комплекс С-125М на випробуваннях знищив всі вісім морських цілей

The Security Service of Ukraine handed over to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine a consignment of previously seized and arrested weapons of Russian state-owned companies worth about UAH 1 billion.

At the same time, judging by the photo, this is the same weapon that the SBU allegedly handed over to the Armed Forces in 2019. 

The SBU  reports that Russian state-owned companies used the territory of Ukraine for the transit of military goods and accumulated them on the territory of Ukraine. Moreover, weapons were imported and exported not as military property, but as technical property of general use. The SBU has opened criminal proceedings on this fact.

There were no documents on the legal import and storage of military products. The weapon itself was admitted as material evidence in the SBU proceedings and was under arrest.

Given the situation in the country, special investigators prepared a petition: the Ministry of Defense agreed to take this military property on balance, and the court and the government authorized the transfer. This is the first such case (?) In the history of Ukraine, the SBU said.

In particular, during the searches, the Security Service of Ukraine seized and handed over to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine weapons weighing more than 500 tons:

  • weapons (grenade launchers);
  • ammunition (mines and grenade launchers);
  • explosives (TNT);
  • 36 missiles 5B27D  (part of the Pechora SAM) and related equipment;
  • components for firearms;
  • engines and components for aviation equipment (Mi-24 helicopters, Su and MiG aircraft);
  • components for armored vehicles (BMP, BRDM, armored personnel carriers, tanks), anti-aircraft missile systems and volley fire systems;
  • phosphoric and hydrochloric acids.

Note, however, that this is not really the first such transfer. In August 2019 it was reported that SBU, military prosecutor’s office, Ukroboronservis and the Nikolaev customs  handed over to military division of SAM S-125 , arrested in Ukraine under article “smuggling”.

At the same time, it is quite possible that today we are talking about the same weapons that were seized in 2019, as the SBU shows the same photos with weapons (including missiles) that were shown in 2019 and were allegedly handed over to the Armed Forces that year.

At the time, it was reported that Russian officials planned to supply weapons to Eritrea, which was embargoed by the UN Security Council. In 2007-2010, officials of OJSC Rosoboronexport (RF), by prior agreement with other persons, illegally imported the S-125 Pechora anti-aircraft missile system and 36 5B27D missiles across the customs border of Ukraine.

In the beginning of 2019 the specified complex was found in one of warehouses in the city of Nikolaev during carrying out investigative and operational actions by Security service of Ukraine. The revealed armament by the decision of the investigating judge is seized.

Also in October 2020, the SBU exposed the scheme of illegal import to Ukraine for further re-export of three S-125 anti-aircraft missile systems for over UAH 110 million.

The domestic enterprise imported weapons without paying mandatory payments to the state budget – they illegally applied the preference of allegedly importing products for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. For illegal transportation of products across the border, the dealers used the details of an affiliated company with signs of fictitiousness, registered in one of the European countries.



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