Putin complains that Ukraine with Bayraktar and military exercises does not let him “relax”

Putin has traditionally begun to deny armed aggression against Ukraine.Putin gave a great interview to his propagandists / REUTERSPutin gave a great interview to his propagandists / REUTERS

Russian President Vladimir Putin was outraged by the conduct of military exercises in the Black Sea and the mild reaction of Europe to the use of Bayraktar drones by Ukraine in order to protect positions in the Donbas.

He stated this in an interview with Russia 24.

The head of the Kremlin noted that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation sent combat b-51s to the occupied Crimea, however, according to him, purely for escorting foreign military aircraft during “unscheduled exercises of the United States and its allies.”

Also, in an interview with propagandists, Putin once again stated that Russia, they say, is not a party to the conflict, since it is not spelled out in the Minsk Agreements, and “and will never agree with this.”

“Now the incumbent president cheerfully reports that they are using Bayraktar. This is a reaction. But no one reacts to this, and the US generally supported it. Europe said something so illegible. And Ukrainian officials said: we used and will continue to use it. this organized unscheduled exercises in the Black Sea, “the Russian president complained.

He added that these actions “give the impression that we are simply not allowed to relax.”

Application of Bayraktar in Donbass

Ukraine has been  negotiating with Turkey  on the purchase of operational-level unmanned attack systems since 2018. In 2019, the Ukrainian Armed Forces  began testing the  Bayraktar TB2 Turkish attack drones. In July 2021, the Ukrainian Navy  received the first drone  from Turkey.

On October 26, in the Donbas, one Ukrainian soldier was killed and one was wounded. Then the Ukrainian military  for the first time used Bayraktar drones  against militants and Russian troops in the Donbas.

Subsequently,  Berlin criticized the  use of a combat drone by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba was  surprised by such a reaction .

The Turkish Foreign Ministry, in turn, said that Ukraine  should stop calling Bayraktar “Turkish” . According to Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, the drones, although produced in Turkey, belong to completely different countries.

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  1. I’m certain that this shit nugget never relaxes. He must constantly watch his back, for one or more of his many associates and enemies might plunge a knife deeply into his back. I think that Ukraine is the least of his worries and is only an excuse for his military buildup.

    • I believe he’s trying his old method of using a distraction (Belarus), to invade into Ukraine even further, but it seems the US are on the ball for a change. The whining from the Kremlin about US ships and spy planes has made sure Ukraine know exactly what he is up to. There will be no surprise attack by Muscovy this year.

      • I’m afraid that putler has already calculated that he has nothing to fear from Biden and his poodles France and Germany will never be anything more than a slight inconvenience.
        He is therefore left with what his military advisors tell him. An invasion is a constant possibility until the Budapest signatories finally take the necessary action. Meanwhile, Ukraine is left to fight alone if the worst happens. If putler’s intel suggests an early capitulation, he will go in. It therefore depends entirely on the question of how much modern weaponry Ukraine has got and is it enough to inflict heavy casualties on the enemy?
        I don’t know the answer to that.
        The DT has done another very alarmist article today : “A shock invasion of Ukraine would trigger economic chaos for Europe”. I have no wish to spread despondency, so I didn’t post it.
        It’s very much outside of their character to publish this sort of material.

  2. He added that these actions “give the impression that we are simply not allowed to relax.”

    Why would Russia be so worried about Ukrainian drones blowing up miners weapons? After all dwarfy is not party to the conflict.

  3. Putin’s tactics have eversince been to create a drama out of peanuts. Invading Ukraine is all okay, but ukrainians defending themselves causes an artificial outrage. And there’s plenty of retards in the West dancing to his tune.

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