Poland to build a wall on the border with Belarus by mid-2022

It will be a construction 180 kilometers long and 5.5 meters high.Польша отгородится от Беларуси стеной \ фото REUTERSPoland will fence itself off from Belarus with a wall \ photo REUTERS

Poland plans to build on the border by mid-2022 wall with Belarus .

The head of the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs Mariusz Kaminsky said this on the air of the radio station RMF FM.

“There is already a very specific construction plan. By the end of the first half of next year. The length is 180 kilometers, the height is 5.5 meters, a very professional engineering fence,” he said.

The minister also admitted that the authorities are considering the issue of closing the transit railway route across the Polish-Belarusian border.

As UNIAN reported earlier, in early November in Belarus a large group of migrants from crisis regions arrived at the border with Poland. The people are under the control of the armed Belarusian security officials, who determined the direction of movement of migrants.

The Polish authorities ordered to strengthen the protection of the border with Belarus. Also, the protection of their borders was strengthened by the Baltic countries. In particular, the construction of a 508-kilometer wall on the border with Belarus has begun in Lithuania.

Migrants regularly break through the Polish border.

The government in Warsaw and the EU accuse Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko of organizing the delivery of refugees from crisis regions to the external border of the European Union.

At the end of May, Lukashenka announced that his country would no longer interfere with the passage of migrants to the EU – thus the official Minsk reacted to the tightening of Western sanctions against Belarus.

Ukraine has strengthened the protection of its border with Belarus.

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    • That’s right. But, let’s face it, the West is just so stupid to allow itself to be affected by this cheap trick.

      • The West lacks ideals, values and discipline. Dixie could have changed the world for the better, but thanx to leftist scum we are living in hell. Change to come…

    • The notion that a foreigner has a RIGHT to enter another country and somehow declare residency is a sick European idea that could very well end the EU/Europe as we know it. The rate of the Muslim population in Europe is unsustainable considering the cultural differences. I would argue they are incompatible because Europeans don’t believe rape is legal, honor killings are legal or men having 5 wives is legal.

      • We should never condemn an entire people on purely religious grounds.
        Japan allows any people to claim asylum. But only if they made their claim in the first safe country, as the 1951 Refugee Convention allows. Less than 1% of claims are upheld. The result being that there are only 100,000 carefully vetted Muslims living there, which is a manageable amount. Plus they are compelled to live by Japanese customs.
        Britain has had harmless Muslim residents for centuries without problems and even today the majority are peaceful. Some even serve in the Conservative government.
        Many Muslims fought for us in both world wars.
        The tragic mistake we made in the 1950’s, when there was a chronic labour shortage, was to allow large numbers to settle from dangerous tribal regions in Pakistan, which was the seed for the problems we have today. They were allowed to prosthelytize and were not compelled to accept British customs.
        Far from all Muslims are dangerous. The Ahmadi Muslims for example, who originated in Punjab, British India, in the 19th century, are the type of people who should be accepted anywhere. They are entirely peaceful, are taught to respect all religions, embrace capitalism, are patriotic to Britain and adhere to the manners and customs of any Christian country that they live in.
        A good analogue to them would be the Tatars in Ukraine.
        We have no legal requirement to even consider an asylum claim from anyone who has not made it from the first safe country, yet we continue insanely to do so.
        We need to start removing all the ones who settled here and committed serious crimes. That would be a positive step.

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