In the Netherlands, at the request of the FBI, Russian citizen Denis Dubnikov was detained. He is suspected of money laundering hackers

Russian citizen Denis Dubnikov, 29, was detained in the Netherlands at the request of the FBI. As the Russian lawyer Arkady Bukh told CNN, the US authorities suspect Dubnikov of laundering money obtained through hacker extortion.

In early November, Dubnikov went on vacation to Mexico, but there he was denied entry and sent to Amsterdam, where he was then detained. The extradition of a Russian is required by the US Department of Justice.

Dubnikov is suspected of receiving more than 400 thousand dollars in cryptocurrency as a reward from a group of cybercriminals who were involved in extortion using the Ryuk virus program. In 2020, these hackers launched a series of attacks on medical organizations in the United States, extracting millions of dollars from victims of extortion.

As Bukh said in an interview with TASS, the defense will insist that Dubnikov “did not know anything, did not know where the money came from, and acted in full accordance with Russian law.”

If convicted in the United States, the Russian could face up to 20 years in prison, the lawyer added.

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