Ukraine in talks with Qatar on LNG supplies

Ukraine in talks with Qatar on LNG supplies

12.11.2021 10:46

Ukraine is in talks with Qatar on the direct supply of liquefied natural gas, according to Ukraine’s Deputy Energy Minister Maksym Nemchynov.

He said this on the Right to Power program on Thursday, November 11, according to an Ukrinform correspondent.

“We are really working on direct contracts with Qatar. This is a difficult story, but we are really working on it,” Nemchinov said.

According to him, fuel from Qatar will be supplied through Polish LNG terminals. He noted that this still requires increasing the capacity for natural gas supplies from Poland.

In October compared to September 2021, gas imports to Ukraine shrank by 77%. In the first ten months of 2021, Ukraine imported 2.535 billion cubic meters of gas, with exports and re-exports amounting to 1.629 billion cubic meters.



  1. After all that work Trump did to get Europe started on LNG, now with Bidenov cancelling American production, countries like Ukraine have to go somewhere else, like Muslim states that hate everyone. But it made Putin happy…..

    • Biden has lowered himself by asking OPEC to increase production! More than once, even. We have enough oil and gas in the US and Trump left office with the country energy independent and now we have been degraded to having a president who must slither to others that hate us to beg for more gas and oil. That is so pathetic!

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