Putin phoned Merkel for the second time in two days

On November 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin held his second telephone conversation in two days with the acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Kremlin reports.

Putin and Merkel continued to discuss the situation on the borders of Belarus with the EU countries and reaffirmed “the importance of an early settlement of the acute migration crisis that has arisen in accordance with international humanitarian standards.” Putin spoke in favor of restoring contacts between the EU states and Belarus to solve this problem.

The German government, in turn, reported that Putin and Merkel exchanged views on the situation on the Belarusian-Polish border. “The Chancellor stressed that this happened due to the fault of the Belarusian regime, which uses defenseless people in a hybrid attack on the European Union,” the German government said in a statement.

Among other things, the leaders of Russia and Germany touched upon the topic of Ukraine. The Kremlin said that Putin “drew attention to the destructive policy of Kiev, which increasingly relies on forceful methods, including the use of attack unmanned aerial vehicles.” The German government said that Merkel called on Putin to continue negotiations in the “Normandy format” to implement the Minsk agreements .

The Russian presidential administration added that during the talks, Putin also noted “the destabilizing and dangerous nature of the provocative activities of the armed forces of the United States and a number of other NATO countries in the Black Sea.” This is not mentioned in the German government’s announcement.

On November 10, at the initiative of Germany, Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with Angela Merkel. During the conversation, the head of the German government called it inhumane that the Belarusian authorities are using migrants against the EU. In response, Putin offered to “establish a discussion of the problems that have arisen” directly with Minsk, the Kremlin reported . After that, Putin and Merkel agreed to continue the conversation on this topic.

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  1. The Kremlin said that Putin “drew attention to the destructive policy of Kiev, which increasingly relies on forceful methods, including the use of attack unmanned aerial vehicles.”

    Merkel will phone Zelensky tomorrow to tell him to stop the attacks on the Russian Army in Donbas.

    • Doesn’t the stunted rodent know that Merkel is retired and wants to sleep and read? Why doesn’t he contact the new leader? He is always whining to Mommy. I hope Zelensky tells Mommy to tell the rodent to grab a Ukrainian mace and hop up and down on it for a few days.

      • The news this morning is very bleak redders. The Telegraph, which does not go for hyperbole, has as its headline :
        “Prepare for Russian invasion of Ukraine, US warns European allies.
        Tens of thousands of troops massed on the border, Washington officials tell EU counterparts”.
        God willing, it won’t happen. But it must be so tempting for the nazi rodent, given that the free world is run by a corrupt, leftist halfwit and the EU is run by Russia lackeys.

  2. So, a crime boss pimp calls his fat whore in an Islamized country asking her to let the Muslim hordes in.
    Just watch and see … sooner or later, Germanystan will accept a “limited” contingent of so-called refugees, adding to the almost 140000 already let in this year alone.

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