Poll: 58% back Ukraine’s accession to NATO, 62% want Ukraine to join EU

Poll: 58% back Ukraine's accession to NATO, 62% want Ukraine to join EU

11.11.2021 17:44

Some 62% of Ukrainians support Ukraine’s accession to the European Union, whereas 58% want their country to join NATO, according to a survey conducted by the Rating Sociological Group between November 4-9, 2021.

The poll revealed that if a respective referendum were held today, 62% of respondents would support Ukraine’s accession to the EU, and 32% would oppose it.

At the same time, 58% of respondents would be in favor of Ukraine’s joining NATO, and 35% would oppose it.

According to the poll, residents of the country’s western and central regions are the most loyal to European integration, unlike residents of the eastern regions, where less than half support Ukraine’s accession to the EU and NATO.

At the same time, those most skeptical about Ukraine’s joining the EU and NATO are the voters of the Opposition Platform – For Life party and the parties of Andriy Shariy and Yevhen Muraiev.

The survey was conducted among residents of Ukraine aged 18 and older in all regions, except for the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Donetsk and Luhansk regions. A total of 5,000 respondents were interviewed. 


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  1. Here is a flashback to the year 2006 in Ukraine:

    “President Victor Yushchenko attached high priority to securing a NATO membership action plan (MAP). By summer, Kyiv looked on course to attain a MAP when alliance foreign ministers met that December. Curiously, Moscow did not come out hard against the idea. The prospective MAP derailed, however, after Yushchenko appointed Victor Yanukovych as prime minister. During a September visit to Brussels, Yanukovych said he did not want a MAP. The proposal died given the divided position of Ukraine’s executive branch.”

    Now 15 years later we haven’t even moved the needle.

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