In the Odessa region, the court declared illegal the lustration of an odious official from the times of Yanukovych, who sent titushi to the Maidan

Ex-chairman of the Comintern district state administration of the Odessa region Ivan Marzak, who came under the Law of Ukraine on “Cleansing of Power” and cannot hold positions in government bodies until 2024, is confidently on the path of complete rehabilitation.

As it became known to “Dumskaya”, in October the Odessa Regional Administrative Court satisfied his claim against the Krasnoselsky village council of the Odessa region. He declared unlawful the latter’s refusal of Marzak’s access to public service as a person who is subject to the prohibitions provided for by the law on lustration, and ordered the assembly to inform the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine about the existence of grounds for excluding the former regional from the Register of such citizens.  

Ivan Marzak

Marzak used a scheme popular with lustrated officials and law enforcement officers: he wrote an application for participation in the competition for the position of head of the department of land relations and communal property of the Krasnoselsky village council. He refused to register him as a candidate, citing lustration, and a former ally of Yanukovych successfully challenged the refusal in court. Likewise, we recall, did the current head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Sergey Grinevetsky (lyustrirovali him as a former functionary of the Soviet totalitarian state).

Ivan Marzak, who now introduces himself as a “political scientist” and until January 2020 headed the regional organization of Yevgeny Muraev’s party “Nashi”, is well known to regular readers of “Dumskaya”.

In late 2013 – early 2014, as the head of the Russian State Administration, he sent buses with titushki to the revolutionary capital.

In July 2018, his son, a football fan Mikhail Marzak, inflicted bodily harm on the head of the Department of Preventive Activities of the GUNP Ivan Ishchenko. It  happened in Shevchenko Park before the match for the Super Cup of Ukraine . Now the young man is under investigation.  

During the last parliamentary campaign, Ivan Marzak was the de facto head of the headquarters of the presidential party “Servant of the People” in the Primorsky district of Odessa (district No. 135). There, if you remember, Zelensky’s supporter Aleksey Leonov won .  



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