Germany discuss possibility of involving Ukraine in solving refugee problem on Belarus-Poland border

Bundestag believes that it would be possible to agree with Ukraine on the reception of refugees while their application for asylum in the EU is being considered

Nils Schmid, a foreign policy expert with the Social Democratic Party (SPD) faction in the German Bundestag, suggests involving Ukraine in solving the refugee problem on the Belarus-Poland border. This was reported by Deutschlandfunk.

According to him, it would be possible to agree with Ukraine on the reception of refugees while their application for asylum in the EU is being considered.

“This way we can make it clear that not every refugee will automatically join the European Union,” Schmid said.

At the same time, the politician criticized Poland’s treatment of migrants trying to enter the country illegally from Belarus. According to the German politician, Poland must adhere to international norms, in particular, provide the needy with basic humanitarian protection and the right to consider an asylum application.

Earlier, on November 8, Belarusian journalists published a video of a large crowd of migrants heading to the Polish border. It is noted that, according to preliminary estimates, several hundred refugees were heading for the border. There were children among the migrants.

Due to this, the Defense Ministry of Poland has increased troops’ combat readiness. At the same time, migrants say that their ultimate goal is not Poland, but Germany.

At the same time, on November 10, the number of servicemen on the Belarus-Poland border increased to 15,000.

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  1. “According to him, it would be possible to agree with Ukraine on the reception of refugees while their application for asylum in the EU is being considered.”

    Sorry, but Ukraine have enough illegal trash in the country. Try asking your buddy Putler to show some of these Russian family values he’s always going on about. You fucked your own country up thanks to stasi Merkel, you ain’t turning Ukraine into Ukrainistan.

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  2. They should say to Germany, which by the way is an enemy country, yes, we will take them on a TEMPORARY basis on the following conditions:
    1/ you pay us full reparations for the mass murder you inflicted upon us in WW2.
    2/ you cancel NS2 immediately.
    3/ you stop behaving like putler-groveling arseholes.
    Ok, forget the third one. We’ll accept the first two. Now over to you krauts.

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      • It would suit those nazi fucks because it could create violent unrest in the unoccupied part of Ukraine, where there is currently none.
        Unlike in putlerstan, where muzloids are either treated like third class citizens, or as in the case of Chechnya; handed over to a lowlife Sultan who is a pootler jackboot licker, Ukraine’s Muslims are loyal, integrated, moderate, have been there for centuries and play a full part in society there, as do Ukraine’s Jews. In fact Ukraine and Georgia are models of how Christians, Jews and Muslims can live together in peace. There is no other place in Europe like that. In Tbilisi, you can see a Mosque right next door to a Synagogue, which I think might be unique. I believe also, but this is not confirmed, that something similar can be observed in Ukraine’s most diverse city; Mykolaiv.

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        • I’m with you on this. Ukraine should make an offer but it should be completely cynical and unreasonable. Germany already views Ukraine as a fucking meat shield so we could take advantage of that.
          One last thing, Germany doesn’t get to decide what Poland does just like the Kremlinals don’t get to decide what Ukraine does. Where do these hitler bots come from?!

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  3. Islam is the biggest threat to advanced civilized nations. They always have some ‘moderates’ to shield the radical core, but they are all the same. To them we are all infidel scum, and this attitude will never change. Idiots who believe otherwise are just willing tools and suiciders. My policy is to be rather safe than sorry.

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  4. That’s just so typical of absurdistan! First, trounce on Ukraine for bullshit like language laws and for Ukraine’s using drones for its defense, and then there is absurdistran’s catering to Ukraine’s mortal enemy, mafia land, keeping Ukraine out of the EU and NATO, refusing to support Ukraine militarily and then they think that Ukraine is willing to take in the trash that mafia land and little mafia land have imported for the sole reason to cause trouble in Europe!
    Fuck no!
    I hope that Zelensky and co. aren’t so utterly stupid to go along with this ridiculous, hare-brained idea.

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