A high-speed train of Ukrainian production will run between Odessa and Izmail  

The fast train will start running in the near future between Odessa and Izmail.

This was agreed today by the chairman of the regional state administration Sergei Grinevetskiy and the director of “Odeskoi zaliznitsa” Sergei Nikulin.

A new diesel train DPKr-3, which was built at the Kryukov Carriage Works, will be launched on the line.

The approximate time of its movement is four and a half hours, which will allow the residents of the region to move safely and comfortably across the territory of the region.

In this case, the “diesel” will stop at 8-10 stations.

The regional diesel train DPKR-3 has three carriages, two of them – the first and the third – are equipped with diesel engines, the second car (middle) is non-motorized.

The first such train was operated on the Kiev – Boryspil line, then it was transferred to the Taras Shevchenko route (Smila – Cherkassy) as an express train. In 2021, the second and third copies were built at the Kryukov Carriage Works, which are now being tested.

The regional diesel engine DPKr-3 has 170 comfortable seats, the seats are located along the direction of travel. The operating speed is 140 km per hour.


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  1. Ukraine could use “Bullet Trains.” If they could have something like what the Japs have, and what the French have in the TGV, it would make traveling in Ukraine much faster and far more convenient.

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