Ukrainian aviation companies together with Swiss develop Sirius Jet convertible (photo)

The Ukrainian company JSC FED together with the Swiss Saunber Engineering AG and Sirius Aviation are developing an electric aircraft with a range of 800 km.

Transmitted by the  National Industrial Portal  with reference to the  Defense Express .

The development was called Sirius Jet – a non-standard convertible that received engines installed in the wings, which is unique to such aircraft. Thanks to this design, the convertible will develop a speed of up to 310 km / h or 500 km / h, will carry up to 5 passengers or up to 500 kg of payload.

On the Ukrainian side, in addition to the Kharkiv Fed, such companies as Motor Sich and Antonov are involved. Ukrainian companies will be engaged in the production of engines, research and development work, and the Antonov plant is already conducting aerodynamic tests of the aircraft model.

BWM is engaged in interior design. At the same time, in addition to the passenger version of the convertible, there is also a cargo, medical evacuation and business jet version.

In two versions, there will be a “heart” of Sirius Jet – lithium-ion batteries, which will provide 240 km of flight on hydrogen fuel cells, increasing the radius to 800 km and allow to develop a maximum speed of up to 500 km / h.

Thrust is provided by 24 fans that create high lifting thrust. The body of the convertible is created from special composite materials.

Individual aircraft systems are currently being tested. The tests of the engines were successfully completed. The first flight of the aircraft is planned for the II-III quarter of 2022, and commercial operation from 2025. The estimated cost of one unit is estimated at $ 4 million.


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