From the FB page of Dmitro Kuleba

Nov 9, 2021

Tomorrow there will be a picture from Washington like this August. This will be the third full-fledged meeting of the heads of foreign political departments of Ukraine and the United States this year. In general, the dynamics of contacts between the presidents of Ukraine and the United States and their teams this year are unprecedented.

This time, together with US Secretary Anthony Blinken, we will be securing a new level of strategic partnership with our number one ally in the security industry – we will hold a meeting of the Ukraine-USA Strategic Partnership Commission with the participation of extended delegations of both states.

Tomorrow’s meeting embodies the agreements reached at the meeting of Presidents Vladimir Zelensky and Joseph Biden. After her, state cars in Kiev and Washington started at full capacity to bring them to life.

The strategic partnership commission is the main engine of the process. The work of this engine is specific results for the security and development of our country. And the security and development of the country in general is the safety and welfare of every citizen. This is how we implement the Foreign Policy Strategy in the American direction.

The United States’s readiness for a new stage of strategic partnership suggests a high level of trust between our countries.

It is very important that thanks to systemic work, we came out to this important event right now that Russia continues to provoke and behave aggressively about Ukraine.

Under these conditions, we will send Moscow a clear message: Ukraine and the United States are the only ones. Ukraine will not remain alone with the aggressor state. We have powerful allies and partners who are ready to put out Russia a great price tag for trying to expand aggression. This is the best way to keep Russia from escalating.

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