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Nov 9, 2021

Ukraine faces pressure on media as Kyiv Post shuts down

The news of the reorganization or, better say, closure of the Ukrainian English-language Kyiv Post came as a surprise not only to its readers but also to its newsroom. On November 8, Adnan Kivan, a tycoon and owner of the publication, announced its reorganization. The decision was followed by the immediate dismissal of all the paper’s employees. In a joint statement, Kyiv Post journalists called the reorganization plans “an attempt to infringe on editorial independence” and the dismissal of the paper’s staff “getting rid of inconvenient, fair and honest journalists”.

Why is this a problem?

Ukraine faces many domestic and foreign policy challenges, exacerbated by the need to defend itself against Russian aggression, which has been going on for seven years. However, along with a number of political, economic and social problems that deter Ukraine from joining the EU, attracting foreign investment and gaining more international involvement, there is another. This is a terrible lack of communication between Ukraine and the international community. The lack of systematic work with the international English-speaking environment, together with information attacks by Russia, make the Ukrainian agenda a blind spot for the world community. And this agenda includes, among other things, success stories and domestic positive transformations in the state we need to underline daily.

For 26 years, Kyiv Post has been Ukraine’s global voice in the world. Today, the Kyiv Post, in the form we knew it, and with the values we respected it for, has ceased to exist.

It is too early to draw conclusions about the motives of the owner of Kyiv Post. “Ukrainska Pravda” editor Sevgil Hayretdın Qızı Musaievaa said she was aware of pressure from the President’s Office on him. If this is true, the news of the cessation of publication is even worse than it might have seemed.

The owner of the publication assures that the paper will resume work by the end of the year. However, with a new chief editor and newsroom. Brian Bonner has announced that he is leaving his many years post. Kyiv Post is currently suspended indefinitely.

Kyiv Not Kiev devotes its modest efforts to informing the world about Ukraine. We do not compare our work with the work of the Kyiv Post, but we know for sure that we share common values: to speak to the world in one language, to provide honest and balanced information. That is why we express our support to Kyiv Post journalists, thank them for their work and stay with them, hoping that independent journalism in Ukraine still matters.



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