Employees of MIA “Russia Segodnya” were banned for the second time from calling the Taliban an organization banned in Russia

The management of the international news agency Rossiya Segodnya prohibited employees from calling the Taliban an organization banned in Russia in their articles. This was announced by the project “Beware, novosti” , referring to a letter from one of the heads of the MIA “Russia Today”, sent to the agency’s employees.

“Colleagues, from now on we will stop giving the Taliban as an organization banned in Russia. We write with an asterisk “The organization is under UN sanctions for terrorist activities,” “- said in the message, a screenshot of which was published by the newspaper.

An employee of RIA Novosti confirmed to the We Can Explain project that he had received such a letter.

On the website of RIA Novosti, which is part of the MIA “Russia Today”, there are already messages where the new wording is used. The same description of the Taliban in one of the  reports is given by the TV channel RT.

Earlier, in the reports of the projects MIA “Russia Today”, when describing the Taliban, they used the wording “A terrorist organization banned in Russia.”

On October 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia would “move” towards excluding the Taliban from the list of terrorists, but, according to him, the UN Security Council should do this first. So far, the Taliban is on the  federal list of organizations declared terrorist in Russia.

In November 2018, the management of the RIA Novosti website also demanded that employees not mention in their posts that the Taliban are a terrorist organization banned in Russia.

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