Entrepreneurs in the Lviv region organized the only frog farm in Ukraine

In the village of Yablunivka in the Lviv region, businessman Orest Davydko and his partners started growing frogs on their snail farm.

Entrepreneurs first opened a French restaurant. Snails were brought from abroad, but imports ceased to be enough.

So they equipped a giant farm in Yablunivka in the Lviv region. At first, snails were even sold to Spain and France. However, due to quarantine, exports stopped.

Orest and his companions won a competition to support the village. And received 50,000 hryvnias. It was for these funds that frogs were purchased for breeding. There were fears that they would not survive the winter, but the frogs gave good offspring to 1,000 young.

The farm created jobs and became a tourist attraction of Yablunivka.



  1. We had the chance to taste the Frog legs and Snails at a food festival in Lviv, October 2019.

    They both needed a bit more flavour for me, but I am sure that in time, they will develop a better taste of their ‘Ready to eat’ product should they choose that route.

    Taste of both at a Restaurant will be much better.

    I am always surprised that Snails are not readily available in Ukraine, having long been a food of the poor and country peoples.

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