Russia suspends transit of coal from Kazakhstan to Ukraine, – MP

20:23, 4 November 2021 – 112 Ukraine

Russian Railways company does not let the freight wagons with Kazakh coal across the country

Russia has put a halt on the transit of coal from Kazakhstan to Ukraine. Andriy Gerus, the chairman of Parliamentary Committee for Energy and Household Utilities and the MP from Servant of the People posted this on his Telegram channel.

“The Russian Federation halted the coal transit from Kazakstan, which was on its way to Ukraine. All respective supplies in November are blocked”, Gerus wrote. 

Over 40 countries pledged to refuse fossil fuels at the Climate Change Summit COP26 in Glasgow. Ukraine is among them as The Guardian reported.

It is provided that the signatory countries will gradually abandon the construction of new coal-fired power plants and will no longer invest in this industry. Richer economies promise to do this in the 2030s, and smaller economies in the 2040s.


  1. Ayeyeye 112….
    This is NOT about global warming, this is about more pressure from Putin on Ukraine. They are so focused on the Climate charade and socialism that they ignore the obvious.

    • “Green energy” is a hoax. Small thorium reactors are the way to go, and then you don’t need coal.

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