On the new road to the port of Odessa began to build an overpass

The first supporting parts of the future overpass were installed on the road under construction to the Odessa Sea Trade Port.

This was reported by the Road Service in the Odessa region.

In total, it is planned to install 246 drill poles, which will serve as the supporting part of the trestle. The length of the latter will be 546 meters. The facility will join the existing port overpass.

Recall that a new six-lane road to the port will stretch from Bypass and will become an alternative to the existing highway: after the completion of the work, trucks will be able to get into the port, bypassing the territory of the Euroterminal company, which has been collecting tolls from carriers for many years  .

The work is carried out by the Rostdorstroy company, which belongs to the partners of the mayor of the city, as well as Euroterminal, although Trukhanov himself stubbornly denies his connection with the company.  

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The length of the new route will be 5.3 km. It is also planned to build an overpass, equip a sump for large vehicles for 300 cars and a platform for weighing cars in motion.

The money for the construction was allocated within the framework of the Big Construction Project from the state budget.

It is worth noting that the service was looking for a contractor for a long time: a tender with an estimated cost of 2.2 billion hryvnia was announced back in September 2020. Four companies applied for a large lot, including the Turkish firm Onur. Only two enterprises were admitted to the auction – Rostdorstroy LLC and Avtomagistral-Yug. The gap between the prices he offered in the billion-dollar tender was less than two million hryvnia, that is, 0.09%. The difference with the estimated cost is only 80 million, or 3.6%.  

As a result, Rostdorstroy won, the beneficiary of which is Yuri Shumakher, a multiple deputy of the Odessa City Council from the Trukhanov party “Trust in Affairs”.

A kilometer of the road will cost the taxpayers UAH 416 million, or USD 14.8 million. This is provided that during the implementation of the project does not rise in price, which is quite common.


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