In Odessa, trees have already been planted at the future memorial to the fallen at the front of the Russian-Ukrainian war: they will grow through the stylobate with the names of the heroes  

Work on the creation of a memorial complex in the park of the Odessa Regional State Administration continues.

As the correspondent of “Dumskaya” reports, from the side of Kanatnaya, the concrete foundation of the future monument to those who died as a result of Russian aggression has already been completed.

In addition, large-sized trees were planted there – according to the authors’ plan, they will grow through a granite stylobate with the names of warriors.

Let us remind you that a large-scale project called “Gardens of Memory” was developed by the famous sculptor Mikhail Reva and architect Nata Golovchenko.

A memorial alley to the heroes of the Heavenly Hundred and a territory dedicated to the regions of Ukraine will appear on the side of Shevchenko Avenue. In addition, a 30-meter flagpole for the national flag and five smaller flagpoles will be installed in this place.

On the Kanatnaya side, in addition to the memorial to those who died for the freedom and independence of Ukraine during the Russian-Ukrainian war, a monument to the victims of the genocide of the Crimean Tatar region is planned (its installation will be financed by the community). It will represent an eight-pointed star (the Islamic symbol of rub al-hizb) with elements of the traditional Crimean Tatar ornament on each beam. A tree should grow in the center – a pyramidal poplar.

In addition, the project provides for the equipment of a parking lot for 68 places, a territory for walking dogs (on the plan it is made in the form of a dog’s paw print), a skate park, two playgrounds, a lounge area, and two toilets.

In total, we recall that the reconstruction was estimated at UAH 190 million. It is financed jointly by the region and the city.


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