Dutch journalist Tom Wennink expelled from Russia

Dutch journalist Tom Vennink, correspondent for the newspaper de Volkskrant, has been expelled from Russia. As Vennink told de Volkskrant, on November 1, the Russian authorities ordered him to leave the country within three days.

According to the journalist, the expulsion decision was substantiated by two administrative offenses. The first fine was imposed on Vennink in 2019 for not notifying law enforcement agencies about his change of residence in Moscow. The second time a journalist was fined for visiting Chukotka in 2020 without prior permission from local authorities. Both fines, Wennink stressed, were paid. Last year, he added, his Russian visa was renewed without any problems, despite the already existing administrative violations.

The journalist also noted that in 2021 he faced difficulties in extending accreditation in Russia. For six years, Vennink said, the Russian Foreign Ministry extended his accreditation for a year, but a month ago, after a complicated procedure, it was extended only for seven weeks.

Vennink made it clear that the real reasons for his expulsion from Russia may differ from those officially announced. In particular, he recalled the recent expulsion of the BBC journalist Sarah Rainsford from the country , and also noted that relations between Russia and the Netherlands had become complicated after the crash of flight MH17 in Donbass.

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  1. Obviously this guy has been expelled because of the Dutch position on MH17 and the Scythian gold returning home to Ukraine. After these two events, the whiners must have been scutinizing Dutch citizens in Russia to come up with any reason to expel them.

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