Ukraine began to produce its own cartridges: soon they will go to the front (video)

The cartridges have been developed for almost two years, they will soon be used in the Donbass. military plant in Shostka begins to produce cartridges

The production of its own cartridges begins in Ukraine. Domestic designers have developed from scratch a grenade for automatic and under-barrel grenade launchers.

The cartridges are produced at the “Impulse” military plant in Shostka, Sumy region, they are planned to be supplied to the military in a few months, according to the TSN report  .

Vitaly Zhukov, general director of the Vector design bureau, calls the incident a historic step. I calculated that only 12 countries in the world are capable of independently producing cartridges. He convinces them that they are better than the Soviet ones.

As the general director of Ukroboronprom, Yuri Gusev, said, the cartridges had been developed for almost two years, and in a few months they will go to the front.   

One of the peculiarities of the Ukrainian cartridge is that during a ricochet or falling into soft snow, it will still explode, the self-destruction system will work. 

Earlier, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Turkey Vasily Bodnar said that Ukraine could start its own production of Bayraktar drones  – the kind that were previously purchased in Turkey. He specified that a plant may appear in Ukraine for this. There are also plans to open a development and repair center for these unmanned aerial vehicles.

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