NYT: Russia and the US held a series of secret talks – on hackers and arms control

The United States and Russia have held a series of “secret meetings” on various issues after Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden first met as presidents of the two countries at a summit in Geneva in June, The New York Times reported.

According to the sources of the publication, “a series of contacts” took place between the United States and Russia: high-ranking officials of the Joe Biden administration came to Moscow three times, and meetings were also held on neutral territory in Finland and Switzerland.

Among other things, the US gave Russia the names of hackers suspected of “attacks on America.” According to an unnamed official, the United States is waiting to see if this will lead to arrests and wants to check if Vladimir Putin was serious when he said he would help fight cybercrime.

Also, as the newspaper notes, between Moscow and Washington is “the deepest in recent years” conversation about arms control. Ann Nyberger, Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security of the United States, held several non-public virtual meetings with her counterpart in the Russian leadership.

Russian and US officials say the talks have not yet yielded significant results, but contacts between the two countries are helping to keep “Russian-American tensions” under control.

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  1. Nothing good will come out of these talks, regardless of being secret or not, with the Bidenov administration involved. The high-heeled chipmunk will throw us under a bus once again and Bidenov, the senile fool, will agree to it.

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