StopFake #320 with George Sajewych

Scythian Gold and traitors to Ukraine

(c) StopFake


  1. Nice to see StopFake back destroying Russian lies and propaganda. They have a new presenter, who certainly has a refreshing way with words when describing Muscovy.

    • As you say, an excellent presenter who does not disguise his attempt for new-nazi Russia in high quality video.
      Sadly of course it’s like using a floor-brush to deal with a rat when a big spade is needed. Splat!
      The presenter is preaching to the converted, when he and his channel need and deserve a massive $1 Bn + budget.

      • Yeah. The money wasted on this green BS in Glasgow, would go a good way in fighting Russian propaganda.

        • Millions of kids throughout the world love the little Marxist puppet Greta and hang on every word that comes out of her fantasy land. Shit loads of them were there to greet the little retard when she arrived in Glasgow. Yet not one of them have even one iota of compassion for the plight of Ukraine, which actually is real.

          • Just reading an article on the BBC website. The headline says it all. It’s just another jamboree at the taxpayers expense.

            “G20 pledge climate action but make few commitments”

          • I found a youtube video from 2014. It features this new presenter, he flew from the US to take part in Maidan. It’s a good video, and dispels all the BS about Banderists etc. People from Russia took part in Maidan, because they wanted to live in a normal country.

            • An insightful, reliable eye witness and now eight years on, his theorising has turned out to be very accurate.

    • Really great response to the crap Russia throws out. George is a great presenter and I’m happy he’s not mincing words. Just tells it like it is.

  2. I always get this enjoyable warm fuzzy feeling when I see the Ruskies spitting fire with anger over something. It would be so easy to stoke their anger even more if we had real politicians.

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