Ukraine’s largest sailboat will be repaired and handed over to the Naval Institute

Sailing vessel / sailboat “Friendship”. Photo: Vitaliy Milevich

The sailing frigate Druzhba, which has been idle in the Practical Harbor of the Odessa Sea Port for almost two decades, will be repaired and handed over to the Institute of Naval Forces of the Odessa Naval Academy.

This was stated during a visit to Odessa by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, reports the  National Industrial Portal  with reference to the  Duma .

“Druzhba sailboat is very important for the training of our sailors, so we will hand it over to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. It will be repaired so that cadets can go to sea practice on it, “the head of state said.

The Druzhba sailboat is the second in a series built on the famous Gdańsk Shipyard in the 1980s and 1990s. The frigate has five “sisterships” (ships of the same project – ed.), One of which belongs to Ukraine, three are in Russia and one – in Poland.

In Soviet times, cadets of the Odessa Academy and future sailors from Kherson, Rostov-on-Don and Novorossiysk practiced on board. Today, it serves only as a basis for production practice – the guys who graduated from the first year are engaged in the current repair of the frigate.

Sailing ship / sailboat “Friendship”

In 2013, the rector of the Maritime Academy Mikhail Miyusov noted that the ship is now on the move and at least tomorrow can independently reach the docks of Sevastopol for the necessary repairs. However, he estimated the repair and restoration works at a round sum – from 5 to 12 million hryvnias (at the then prices).

“First of all, the vessel needs to clean the underwater part, repair the bottom-outboard fittings, check the condition of the propeller, marine engines and navigation systems. It all costs about five million. The Register has no special requirements for sailing equipment, and its updating is possible already in the course of operation. With the replacement of standing and mobile rigging, the purchase of a new set of sails, the restoration of the wooden deck, the cost of work will increase to 12 million, “said the rector.

We will remind, earlier we reported that in Odessa the research vessels “James Clark Ross” and “Belgica” transferred to Ukraine received new names.



  1. A great example of rebuilding the Ukraine Navy.
    A real navy is not just about the number of hulls and missiles ranges. It’s about pride in your service and the skills face Mother Ocean, that unrelenting Bitch Goddess who will love and nurture you in one moment that then try to kill you like a serial killer in the next.
    Training cadets on a Sailing SHIP (it’s not a boat) instills the esprit de corps the naval service needs.
    You can many bad things about Zelenski but I think history will remember him as the father of the modern Ukraine navy

    • Part of that history is coming back from Putin’s theft of the Ukrainian Navy too. It’s just amazing what he’s gotten away with but its also amazing to watch Ukraine claw her way back to outfitting her Navy today.

  2. like every thing with Putin’s aggression; it is a blessing in disguise.
    In one stroke most (Not all unfortunately) of the most disloyal and corrupt people in the navy were purged. Most of the ships in the fleet were floating scrap metal and hopelessly out dated. and most importantly the old Soviet mentality was discredited.
    Now the Navy can be rebuilt along modern lines; smaller faster and with up to date equipment.
    Most importantly it will be a Ukrainian Navy and not some mythic “Soviet Navy” ideal.

  3. As Marcodain points out, it is a ship not a boat. Also it is a motor sailor, or in old parlance, a windjammer.

    Sailing ships make good training vessels for midshipmen, if they learn to actually handle it, and not just man it. when I was in the Navy I could tell if an officer had handled a sailboat. He understood what the wind could do his ship, and he understood basic ship handling learned in a far more difficult environment than growing up having only engines to power you.

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