Ukrzaliznytsia plans to purchase up to 1,000 new passenger cars for the next five years

KVBZ built the 600th passenger car

Ukrzaliznytsia plans to purchase up to 1,000 new passenger cars in the next five years.

“Our ambition from 2021 to 2026 is to avoid forced operation of cars older than 28 years. We now have a fleet of 2,400 passenger cars and 1,500 older than this deadline. To get rid of this antiquity (old cars – ed.), We plan to purchase up to 1,000 new cars in these five years, the rest – to overhaul on their own. So in 2022, in this regard, we continue to implement the procurement program, “- said about the plans of the branch” Passenger Company “UZ, its director Alexander Pertsovsky.

He also noted that UZ is waiting for the supply of 100 new cars, which were contracted this year. Some of the cars will be accepted this year, and the entire delivery process will be completed in 2022.

“We expect that a similar number of new cars will be contracted in 2022. Their delivery is expected in the second half of 2022, partly in 2023. Thus, we will continue, at least, to keep the park in its current workforce. Of course, it is too early to talk about such growth figures for any growth, because we have about the same number of cars getting older every year and leaving the park. We are replacing them with new, updated cars, which are of better quality, ”he said.

According to him, Ukrzaliznytsia is also actively working to restore rolling stock and suburban services, overhauling existing electric trains at its own plants, which provide a new quality of rolling stock.

“Plus, they launched a tender for new suburban trains and regional trains. Deliveries are designed for the period from 2022 to 2026, our fleet will be replenished with 80 new trains, and a record UAH 31.5 billion will be spent on these needs. That is, already on the horizon of two years from the moment of the tender there is an opportunity to receive the first deliveries “, – Pertsovsky emphasized.

In addition, according to him, in 2022, two double-decker high-speed Skoda trains will be involved in passenger traffic, one of which will have to go on the route at the end of this year, the second – in the first quarter of 2022.


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