Ukraine Army may receive British-made Brimstone Sea Spear missiles, Defense Ministry confirms

The new Brimstone Sea Spear missile, developed by the MBDA defense firm, could be supplied to Ukraine to be used by the Armed Forces.

That’s according to the Department of Military-Technical Policy, Armament Development, and Military Equipment of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine which responded to Ukrinform’s enquiry.

“The British company MBDA UK is developing a new missile, Brimstone Sea Spear, which in the future may be delivered including to Ukraine to meet the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” said the agency.

As previously reported, The Times, citing a Ukrainian diplomat, said Britain was in talks with Ukraine for the sale of weapons amid fears that the Russian Federation might exploit the ongoing gas crisis in Europe to seize more Ukrainian territories.

In particular, it was about the sale of surface-to-surface missiles developed by MBDA UK, capable of hitting multiple targets simultaneously and carried by warships currently in service with the Ukrainian Navy.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, on October 15, Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Vadym Prystaiko, told one of the Ukrainian TV channels that half of the funds from a GBP 2.5 billion ($2.7 billion) loan the UK provided to Ukraine will go to strengthen the Ukrainian naval fleet. In addition, Ukraine will purchase two minesweepers, missile weapons, and modern technology to protect its coastline. It is also planned to build two naval bases on the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

Photo: David Grindley

(c) Ukrinform


    • My thoughts exactly. Why release information that can only be helpful to the enemy?
      They surely should have waited until the whole system was fully operational and even then only announce it if there is some advantage to doing so. I can’t think of one.
      Just to prevent any further land theft, Ukraine needs a state of the art air defence architecture, an unlimited supply of bayraktars, javelins, a squadron of Typhoons, a couple of destroyers, a couple of hunter-killer subs, a patriot system and an Israeli Iron Dome system.

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